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The ProSolution Pill, PSP, products offers clients a way to increase penis size through the use of an oral supplement and an exercise regime that will strengthen and lengthen the penis. When used in conjunction with one another, the program has been proven effective and is endorsed by a variety of professionals including medical doctors and herbalists. As well as increasing penis size, the PSP program is also reported to increase semen production and orgasm intensity. In our review, you will find everything there is to know about PSP.


The ProSolution formula includes some of the most potent sexual enhancing herbs and natural substances that include the following:

Korean Ginseng
Proven to increase erection firmness and overall sexual performance.
Butea Superba
A natural remedy for erectile dysfunction and lack of libido that comes from China.
Increases sexual pleasure. Contains a component called L-Dopa which is the forerunner of dopamine, the “feel good” hormone that naturally occurs in your body.
Contains protodioscin, which increase testosterone levels and fights erectile dysfunction.
Boosts testosterone levels and sexual desire.

How Does it Work?

Through a blend of herbs and other substances, the PSP pill increases blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa, a sponge like area in the middle of the penis. Also, the pills increase the body’s natural production of zinc oxide, creating a dilation of the blood cells in order to create longer, harder erections. Testosterone production is also increased, creating both physical and psychological effects in regards to sex drive and pleasure during sex.

The other part of the program is an exercise ritual that strengthens the penis much like any other exercise program works on any of your other muscles. Through daily manipulation, most men see solid results in 120 days or less.

The pills and the exercise program must be used together to achieve optimum results.

Benefits of ProSolution Pills:

  • The PSP products are endorsed by both medical professionals and those who practice with natural and herbal medicines. There have been no ill side effects reported when combined with other medications. However the company does recommend consulting your medical adviser before beginning the program if you are on other medications.
  • The product is safe for men of all ages, making it safe even for men of a more senior age.
  • PSP manufactures their pills in the U.S., under strict government guidelines and policies.
  • PSP offers a six month money back guarantee as long as you have used the product for at least 90 days. In order to fully qualify for the refund though, you must have contacted their phone customer support line to make sure that you have tried all means available to achieve success with the product. If you are still dissatisfied, they will refund your money, minus shipping costs.

Downsides of ProSolution Pills:

  • While they do offer a money back guarantee, mind that guarantee policy states that you have to use the product for at least 90 days in order to qualify for a refund. So the smaller packages that they sell for one or two months, will not qualify for a refund.
  • You are required to take two pills per day. While this is down from the previous three pills, it could be inconvenient at times.

What’s Included in the Packages?

PSP has a number of monthly programs available to their customers, pricing and vary from $32/month to $78/month. The following is a list of packages and prices available.

Package What’s Included? Cost
Ultimate Enhancement (12 Months) This breaks down to $32/month and is the best price all around. And it comes with 4 bonus gifts. You get a box of semen enhancing pills, a tube of gel performance enhancer, Erection System website access (the exercise program) and access to the PSP Members Area online. $388.95
VIP (6 Months) This package is PSP’s best seller. You get three gifts with this one, the gel performance enhancer, the, Erection System website access and access to the PSP Members Area online. $268.95
Deluxe (5 Months) You get the same three gifts as in the VIP package, but you pay about $49/month as opposed to the $44/ month as with the VIP package. $248.95
Economy (4 Months) With the ECONOMY package, you pay over $57/month and the bonuses included are access to the web support for the Erection System and access to the PSP Members Area online. $228.95
3 Month Package Free membership and online customer support. $188.95
2 Month Package Free membership and online customer support. $138.95
1 Month Package Free membership and online customer support. $78.95


The herbal supplements combined with the daily exercise regime should be a very effective plan. The program is not expensive, as long as you go with a long term package, and the online support systems are very helpful. The PSP program seems a solid one and a good value.

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