Penis Pumps Before and After

penis pumps before and after

Men with less than average size penises feel fill down and this negatively affects their confidence. When you are not confident both your libido and sexual performance in general decline. Maybe you are finding it difficult establishing a great sex life! Trust me, I understand! The best solution to your problem is using a penis pump. This simple painless devise transforms you into the stud you have always wanted to be by adding you much needed inches in your penile health.

This simple painless devise transforms you into the stud you have always wanted to be

The question most men ask is; do these pumps really work? In this article I will answer this important question by reviewing successful results that user’s have experienced using penis pumps. This will give you a clear idea of why penis pumps are highly effective.

Penis Pumps: Is there really a change after use?

Penis pumps before and after results!

My name is Richard Grenburg from Illinois Chicago, I am an IT specialist turning 35 in 2018.Like any other young man I thrived in sexual prowess in college, however when I was finally ready to settle down and have a serious relationship, I noticed that my sexual performance has significantly declined. My penis length and girth and above average, however I started lacking the capability to maintain a quality erection (hard and long lasting).

Reliable statistics have established that penis pump users all over the world are exceptional; you can check them out with simple quick search online. Most men who use penis pumps agree that after using penis pumps they are able to maintain solid and firm erections for a longer time. To men a penis that stands for a few minutes and then dwindles is both embarrassing and extremely frustrating.

Most men with this problem start with pills and later opt for surgery as a way to fix their problem. These are not the only viable option, penis pumps are also a great idea that has been proven and tested. After using penis pumps after 6 month I noticed a huge change. When I was consistent, I realized that I had the capability of getting erect, staying erect and performing exceptionally and pleasing my partner completely.

Can Penis Pumps give permanent gains?

There are two main types of gains; permanent and temporary gains. It is important to know the gains you will get using this device. The information in this article will help you manage your expectations.

Temporary Gains

Let’s begin with temporary gains. Immediately after using a penis pump, you will experience and full erection with full pressure. For close to 20minutes you feel that your penis is pumped, up. The erection you get immediately after using a penis pump is what I referred to as temporary gains. These temporary gains can last for a few hours and the effects can even last the entire day. If you are knowledgeable and experienced in the use of penis pumps, the effects can last for more than a day. We call them temporary gains because after-session the pump the size returns back to normal.

Permanent gains

After using the penis pump completely for about 6 months, realized that my regular pump size was thicker, larger and much longer. I started measuring my progress y-weekly and realized some gains in length and girth. I researched extensively to ascertain whether there is a scientific explanation for the gains and here is what I came up with.  When you use penis pumps daily, your penile tissues just like any other muscle tissues will expand overtime. The same principle is why your muscle expand overtime as you work out and stretch them daily.

When using the penile pump, you are stretching your penile muscles, essentially working them out. This injures the muscles and they need a period of recovery and rest so that the tissues are restored. Keep in mind that when your penile tissue restores, I become larger in size hence the permanent gains.



Numerous studies have scientifically proven that using penis pumps regularly will help you improve your sexual performance and raise endurance levels. I have now been using the penis pump for more than a year. I have to confess that I am getting larger and longer the more I am consistent. I am determined to stick with it and see how far I can go. No matter my gains, I never get impatient or greedy. I use the penis pumps as instructed by the manufacturer, I also take all the precautions prescribed by my doctor.

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