Penis Pills: Truth, Answers and Reviews of Best Brands


This encyclopedic article explains everything you could want to know about penis pills and male sexual enhancement supplements. Here you will find forthright answers to the common questions asked by men looking to buy a pill to enhance their precious sex organ and overall performance. You will also find impartial reviews of the best rated male enhancement supplements (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the reviews).

I do not expect everyone to read this whole lengthy article, so feel free to use the quick navigation links in the Contents list above to jump to the information that pertains to you, but if you are going to spend your money on a penis enlargement pill then I strongly advise that you do read it all. It will clarify much of the misunderstanding and debunk some of the myths and false claims promoted online by ‘penis enlargement’ pill pushers.

What Are Penis Pills and What Are They Used For?

Penis Pills Explained

Penis pills, which are also known as penis enlargement or male enhancement pills, are natural supplements that men can use to augment their sexual performance. They are classified as dietary supplements and sold over the counter in many online and retail stores.

There are numerous uses and benefits of penis pills that differ from one brand to another. Their typical use is to strengthen erectile function, increase sexual drive and invigorate the reproductive system. The pills are not a treatment for any medical condition and do not cure any sexual diseases.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Make Your Penis Grow?

The potentially equivocal label ‘penis enlargement pill’ has created a great deal of endless arguments, and some believe that all these pills are nothing more than a downright rip-off. The truth is they do not actually increase penis size permanently or cause any lasting growth. The practicable enlargement is a temporary increase in erection size effected by the boosted blood flow that the pills bring about. Any claims of anatomical/cellular growth are simply invalid and should be deemed a red flag.

Tip: No pill whatsoever can make your penis permanently bigger. If you are looking for an effective non-invasive method to stimulate penile growth you may want to consider trying a penis extender.

What Results Can You Achieve?

Each formula of penis pills may produce different effects and results, but in general you can bargain for the following results:

  • Fuller and larger erections: Attributed to increased blood flow.
  • Stronger hard-ons: For men with limp erection.
  • Improved erectile function: For men unable to maintain an erection long enough.
  • Increased libido: Loss of sexual appetite is a common aftereffect of fraught modern life.
  • Increased stamina: Raised physical energy levels that counteract fatigue and tiredness.
  • Lasting longer in bed: Some formulas are aimed at eliminating or scaling down sources of premature ejaculation.
  • Greater pleasure and satisfaction: You can look ahead to screaming orgasms for both you and her.
  • Boosted self-esteem: A byproduct that can have a productive effect on your overall well-being and quality of life.

What Do the Pills Contain?

Sexual Supplements Contain Herbs and Natural Ingredients Many vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts and naturally occurring compounds are used to formulate penis enhancement pills. They are supposed to be 100% natural and contain no chemical or artificially-manufactured substances.

The following are some examples of herbal and natural ingredients that have some empirical evidence for their competence in supporting better male sexuality, and thus are widely used to prepare penis enhancement formulas.

Herbal Extracts:

  • Cordyceps
  • Damiana
  • Epimedium (horny goat weed)
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Hawthorn
  • Korean Ginseng (Panax)
  • Muira Puama
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Tribulus Terrestris (puncture vine)
  • Yohimbe


  • Folic Acid (vitamin B variant)
  • Niacin (vitamin B3)
  • Vitamin E


  • Boron
  • Copper
  • Zinc

Fact: Good penis pills only contain doses of natural ingredients that have been proven effective for improving manhood. See this article to learn more about some of the herbs and ingredients found in popular male sexual supplements.

Tip: Legitimate supplements fully disclose their ingredients. The respective amounts (dosage) should also be specified, but some proprietary formulas may keep those as a ‘trade secret’. Do not buy a penis pill whose ingredients are unknown.

How Do Penis Pills Work and What is the Science Behind Them?

In order to achieve a full and firm erection that lasts as long as needed, many psychological responses and physiological processes must take place properly. The mechanism of penile erection involves the reproductive, cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine (hormonal) systems. Any weakness in erection or reduction in penile size is mostly caused by a disorder in one or more of the involved systems. Male enhancement pills offer a natural and holistic approach that can ultimately have long-term benefits on your erectile rigidity and quality, as well as enhancing your overall sexual performance.

To reach that goal, the active ingredients in the pills work to improve many aspects of your health that have a direct link to, or an indirect impact on your sexual functions, including:

  • Supporting cardiovascular health: Many studies have established a link between healthy heart and blood vessels and healthy penile function.[1][2][3] In fact, the primary role of penis pills is to enhance the cardiovascular system. The objective is to increase blood flow to the genitals causing the penis to engorge to its fullest length and girth.
  • Reducing hypertension: Men with high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.[4][5] By consuming nutrients that have blood pressure lowering properties you can improve your erections.
  • Enhancing production and action of nitric oxide: Nitric oxide (NO) is a chemical compound that is used by the body as a vasodilator, i.e. it causes blood vessels to expand by relaxing the smooth muscle that lines them. NO plays a key role during an erection by dilating blood vessels in the penis and relaxing the muscles in the corpus cavernosum (main erectile structure inside and along the shaft). Increased nitric oxide bioavailability results in increased circulation to the erectile tissues and thus larger and harder erections.[6]
  • Inhibiting PDE5: PDE5 is an enzyme that, in layman’s terms, causes you to gradually lose your erection after arousal. PDE5 inhibitors, like Sildenafil (Viagra), hold back the action of this enzyme leading to improved erectile function, strength and endurance.[7] There are some natural compounds that have shown PDE5 inhibiting capability, and the most famous of these is a flavonoid called Icariin, which is derived from the Chinese herb Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium).[8][9][10] Several penis pills include this extract, but of course it is not as potent as the synthetic, prescription-only drugs like Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis) and others.
  • Lowering cholesterol and blood fats: Another source of weak erections is high levels of cholesterol and other harmful fats in the blood.[11] Luckily there are herbal remedies to tackle these.
  • Fighting free radicals: The aging and tissue damage inducing free radicals in the body could be slowly impairing your penis from within.[12] Their worst enemy, antioxidants, which are found in many herbal extracts have been suggested as a way to prevent or treat erectile dysfunction.[13]
  • Boosting testosterone levels: This sex hormone has an essential role in penile function and health.[14][15] Sexual deficiency and problems arise in men whose testosterone levels are depressed. Androgen replacement therapy may be the most effective answer to this problem in severe cases, but there are also some botanical solutions that are worth considering.
  • Decreasing blood sugar: Glucose overload in the blood leads to poor circulation and thus it may have an adverse effect on penile size during sexual stimulation.[16][17] Researchers have also found an inverse relationship between blood sugar and testosterone levels.[18] Herbs that lower blood sugar are commonly found in erectile booster pills.
  • Relieving anxiety and stress: These are two of the leading psychological causes of sexual dysfunction in both men and women.[19] Natural supplements can offer some help in dealing with chronic anxiety and stress, and upgrade the quality of intimate relationship.
  • Improving mood: A man with depressed mood would have great difficulty getting it up. Depression is the number one psychiatric originator of ED and diminished interest in sexual activity.[20][21] That’s why mood-enhancing herbs are a smart addition to a male enhancement supplement.
  • Promoting prostate and urinary system health: Countless men unknowingly have prostate or urinary tract problems that may silently take a toll on their penis size and firmness.[22][23][24] Herbs that support prostate health, reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate and fight urinary tract infections are usually added to the pills.
  • Increasing energy: Fatigue and low physical energy are widely associated with reduced virility and libido. Natural ingredients that boost vitality and stamina are a staple on penis pills’ ingredient list.

Are There Any Clinical Studies to Support the Claims?

Most herbal ingredients found in male enhancement pills have been traditionally proven and used by herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners all over the world. Being a field of holistic medicine that is widely practiced in Eastern cultures, organic male enhancement medicine lacks adequate documentation and clinical research in modern Western medicine.

There are some manufacturer-sponsored medical trials that aim to measure the efficacy of specific sexual/penile enhancer formulas, like the VigRX Plus formula (view study results on the official website). There are also some independent studies that investigate the pro-sexual and pro-erectile effects of individual herbal extracts.

The following are some citations to professional studies that highlight the noted results of some common penis pill ingredients.

Benefits of Turnera Diffusa (Damiana)

Study Snippet: Pro-sexual effects of Turnera diffusa Wild (Turneraceae) in male rats involves the nitric oxide pathway

  • Study: Estrada-Reyes R, Carro-Juárez M, Martínez-Mota L (2013), Pro-sexual effects of Turnera diffusa Wild (Turneraceae) in male rats involves the nitric oxide pathway.
  • Author: Laboratorio de Fitofarmacología, Dirección de Investigaciones en Neurociencias, Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz, Calzada México-Xochimilco 101, Col. San Lorenzo Huipulco, Delegación Tlalpan, Mexico City, 14370, Mexico.
  • Published in: Journal of Ethnopharmacology; (2013) Mar 7;146(1):164-172.
  • Reference: PubMed [PMID: 23298455]

Benefits of Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium brevicornum Maxim (EbM) extract)

Study Snippet: Epimedium brevicornum Maxim extract relaxes rabbit corpus cavernosum through multitargets on nitric oxide/cyclic guanosine monophosphate signaling pathway

  • Study: Chiu JH, Chen KK, Chien TM, Chiou WF, Chen CC, Wang JY, Lui WY and Wu CW (2006), Epimedium brevicornum Maxim extract relaxes rabbit corpus cavernosum through multitargets on nitric oxide/cyclic guanosine monophosphate signaling pathway.
  • Author: Institute of Traditional Medicine, School of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
  • Published in: International Journal of Impotence Research; (2006) Jul-Aug;18(4):335-342.
  • Reference: Nature Publishing Group

Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

Study Snippet: Ginkgo biloba for antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction

  • Study: Cohen AJ and Bartlik B (1998), Ginkgo biloba for antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction.
  • Author: University of California, San Francisco, California, USA.
  • Published in: Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy; (1998) Apr-Jun;24(2):139-143.
  • Reference: PubMed [PMID: 9611693]

Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

This systematic study evaluates findings of randomized clinical studies (RCT) on using red ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men, and concludes the following:

Study Snippet: Red ginseng for treating erectile dysfunction: a systematic review

  • Study: Jang DJ, Lee MS, Shin BC, Lee YC and Ernst E (2008), Red ginseng for treating erectile dysfunction: a systematic review.
  • Author: Korea Food Research Institute, Sungnam, South Korea.
  • Published in: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology; (2008) Oct;66(4):444-450.
  • Reference: Wiley Online Library

Benefits of Yohimbine (active ingredient in Yohimbe bark extract)

Study Snippet: Yohimbine treatment of organic erectile dysfunction in a dose-escalation trial

  • Study: Guay AT, Spark RF, Jacobson J, Murray FT and Geisser ME (2002), Yohimbine treatment of organic erectile dysfunction in a dose-escalation trial.
  • Author: Center for Sexual Function, Lahey Clinic Northshore, Peabody, Massachusetts 01960, USA.
  • Published in: International Journal of Impotence Research: The Journal of Sexual Medicine; (2002) 14, 25-31.
  • Reference: Nature Publishing Group

Fact: Genuine penis pills contain medically and traditionally proven herbals like cordyceps, damiana, horny goat weed, ginkgo biloba, Korean red ginseng, yohimbe and others. If you are looking for top-ranked male enhancement supplements that contain these and other evidence-based ingredients check my product recommendations.

Are Penis Pills Effective for Everyone?

The effectiveness of penis pills varies from one product to another and from one individual to another. You can expect positive improvement in many sexual aspects, but the strength of results is not etched in stone and is subjective on a large scale.

Natural supplements work best for men from 18 to 60 years of age. The healthier your lifestyle is the more noticeable the results will be. There are a few steps that you can take to increase the potency of the supplement, such as:

  1. Maintain regular physical activity and exercise to improve circulation and heart health.
  2. Stick with healthy, balanced dietary habits and keep a lid on high-fat and high-carb foods. To supply your body with the necessary, vitalizing nutrients opt for vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats found in many nuts and oils.
  3. If you are overweight, losing the extra fat can significantly intensify the gains.
  4. If you smoke or drink alcohol you can do your sexual health a great favor by ceasing these two deleterious habits.
  5. Take it easy, take a breather, and try to avoid stressful and anxiety-causing situations to preserve your mental well-being.
  6. Finally, get a good night’s sleep to allow your body to replenish itself and better utilize the nutrients supplied through the pills.

Fact: Nutritional penis pills generally have satisfactory success rates. Results can be amplified by keeping your lifestyle in fine fettle.

Are Penis Pills Safe for You?

Over-the-counter sexual enhancers are typically safe and risk-free for any adult man in good overall health. Natural penis pills do not contain any chemical medications that may be dangerous or even fatal to some patients. If you are not being treated for any disease or medical condition then safety should not be a concern when using an enlargement pill from a reputable manufacturer.

What about side effects?

No substantial side effects have been reported for the majority of sexual supplements available in the market. Some minor and temporary side effects may be experienced by consumers whose body may not adjust to the new nutrients smoothly. Possible primary side effects include headache, diarrhea/constipation, nausea, upset stomach, increased palpitation, low/high blood pressure.

Safety precautions and measures:

  1. Do not take any supplement that does not list its ingredients.
  2. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, both the active and inactive substances (excipients).
  3. Carefully read and follow the safety notes of the product you are using.
  4. Take the pills as instructed and do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  5. If you experience any severe side effects or allergic reaction you need to stop taking the pills and seek medical care if the effects do not fade away within a few hours.
  6. You should consult with your doctor before taking the pills if you suffer or have suffered in the past from health conditions related to the heart, circulation, blood pressure, kidney and/or depression.
  7. If you take other medications or supplements you should discuss the possibility of drug interactions and adverse effects with your doctor or pharmacist.

Tip: Popular penis pills are quite safe and do not pose any health risks. Nevertheless, it is advised that you seek a professional opinion from your doctor or health care provider before taking any herbal product.

Are Herbal Pills a Natural Alternative to Viagra and Other ED Drugs?

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are FDA-approved treatments for male impotence (erectile dysfunction). You can only buy and use these drugs after you have been physically examined and issued a prescription by a licensed physician. OTC penis pills, on the other hand, are not FDA approved and they are not intended as a treatment or cure for any medical condition. If you have been prescribed an ED drug you should not use sexual enhancement pills as a replacement without getting an advice from your doctor.

Penis pills can help men suffering from mild erection problems but they are not as potent or quick as the chemical drugs. If you are not happy with your erection firmness or suspect you have erectile dysfunction you may want to try natural products before considering prescription options.

Natural sexual enhancers yield much more sexual benefits than Viagra and its sisters, which go beyond just a bigger dick. Natural pill choices are safer, cheaper and produce long-lasting benefits that cannot be obtained by taking any of the high-profile Rx drugs.

Fact: Nutritional sexual supplements are not approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They can help men improve their erectile function, but they should not be taken as a substitute for prescription medicine.

How to Avoid the Scams and Bad Products?

Penis Pill Scam Warnings If this is your first time shopping for a dick enlargement pill online then you will have to sort your way through the common misconceptions, false advertising, hard sell tactics and monkey business going on in this online market. The many warnings and scam reports by consumers who have been conned by penis enlargement hoaxes have created a huge lack of confidence in this whole industry.

By understanding the facts and scientific principle explained in this article you should be able to weed out the useless and bad pills, and find yourself a decent product that actually works. Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for a pill to enlarge your manhood.

  1. If the website is promising permanent extra inches in penis length or circumference get out of there immediately! That is not something any pill can do.
  2. If the product contains undisclosed or secret ingredients that no one else has discovered, drop it from your list of considerations.
  3. Do not look for penis pills on explicit adult websites. Men tend to be less secure about their size when they compare it to pornstars’, which pushes many to make hasty decisions they might regret later. Rip-off advertisers take advantage of this vulnerability and they swarm porn websites with their ‘add inches instantly’ pill ads, or more accurately, scams.
  4. Check the product’s name for any public notifications, warning letters or recalls on the FDA’s Tainted Sexual Enhancement Products page.
  5. Make sure that the company you are ordering from has a physical address, phone number and customer support.
  6. Order from the manufacturer’s official online store (if applicable). Resellers may sell for a higher price and may not be as reliable or professional.

Fact: In real life, there are no magic potions that cause penile growth. Again I restate the obvious fact of the matter that no pill will make your penis grow bigger PERMANENTLY! Sure, there are plenty of offers for pills that will add a few inches to your dick size, but here is the truth many buyers found out the hard way after wasting a couple of hundred bucks: THEY DON’T WORK! If you have read this whole article you’d know what penis ‘enlargement’ pills are good for.

Where Can I Find ‘Before and After’ Photos Showing Real Results?

Most ‘Before and After’ Photos of Enlargement Pills Are Not Real You can find a lot of ‘unbiased’ reviews online featuring before/after photo proofs, but the only problem is; none of them is truly unbiased. All such pictures that show a remarkable increase in penis size after taking a pill are either fake or deceitfully crafted using visual tricks to make the penis appear smaller than it normally is in the ‘before’ photo.

Allow me to remind you with the fact established earlier in this article that ENLARGEMENT PILLS DO NOT RESULT IN PERMANENT GROWTH. Their genuine effects include increased hardness, libido, energy and pleasure, in addition to a slight increase in erect and flaccid penis size due to improved blood flow. The man taking the pills will be able to notice and feel the difference, but there won’t be any major visible changes in size that can be shown to others.

Tip: Don’t be led on by websites showing photos of penis sizes before and after taking enlargement pills. Those photos are usually phony and tricky, artificially generated to bait unsuspecting shoppers.

Do You Really Need to Use a Penis Enhancement Pill?

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before spending your money on any product.

Questions to Answer Prior to Buying a Penis Enlargement Pill

  1. Do you want to increase blood circulation in your penis?
  2. Are you getting soft erection and would like to increase its strength and endurance?
  3. Are you looking to improve your erectile function in a natural way?
  4. Do you want to boost your sex drive and stamina?
  5. Are you seeking intensified orgasm, ejaculation and pleasure?

If you answer yes to one or more of the above questions then you may want to check out my reviews of top rated penis supplements at the bottom of the page.

However, if you already get solid erections and your only interest is increasing your size then pills may not do you much good. In this case you may want to look at other methods to stimulate natural penile growth, like penis extenders.

How Do Penis Pills Compare to Other Male Enhancement Methods?

Let’s have a look at this side-by-side comparison of the 4 widely-known methods used to increase penile strength and size naturally.

Pills Extenders Pumps Exercises
Causes natural growth? No, pills cannot do that. Yes, trials suggest traction devices can stimulate growth in length. Yes, but not by much. Yes, to some extent.
Increases length? Yes, as a result of increased circulation. Yes, best method for penile elongation. Yes, may cause a slight improvement. Yes, modestly.
Increases girth? Yes, increased circulation causes better penile widening. Maybe, but shouldn’t be expected. Yes, due to forced engorgement of erectile tissue. Yes, some exercises can promote sidewise expansion of erectile chambers.
Improves blood flow? Yes, the effect lasts throughout the day. Yes, slightly. Yes, expands erectile blood capacity momentarily. Yes, especially during and shortly after exercise.
Stronger erections? Yes, with more endurance. Possibly. Yes. Yes.
Increases male libido? Yes, most effectively. A possible by-effect. Possibly. Possibly.
Improves male stamina? Yes, in a noteworthy manner. No, not intended for this purpose. No. Possibly.
Helps you last longer? Yes, some pills contain ingredients that may cure premature ejaculation. No. Maybe, can be used for ejaculatory reflex training. Yes, some exercises can help control ejaculation response.
Are results permanent? No, you need to keep taking the pills to preserve the effects. Yes, any achieved enlargement remains for good. No, effects are short-lived. Yes, but you will need to keep exercising the penis regularly.
How fast does it work? You should start to feel improvement after a few hours, but it may take a few months to reach ultimate results. On average, it takes 6 months or more of daily use to develop measurable gains. You get an instant result, but then it goes away quickly. Slowest technique that takes at least several months or years to produce perceptible results.
Is it clinically proven? Yes, many ingredients have been medically investigated and shown to be effective for men. Yes, some studies confirmed the efficacy of cock extenders. No credible data found. No credible data found.
Is it safe for everyone? Yes, generally, but if you have any cardiovascular condition or take prescription medications you should get medical consultation first. Yes, if used properly. Yes, but with a higher risk of misuse and possible injury. Yes, with proper use.
How much does it cost? A good supplement would cost around 50 dollars per month’s supply. Price is largely affected by quality and customer service offered. Comprehensive systems are usually sold for $200 to $400. These are the most expensive of the nonsurgical enlargement solutions. A typical price tag is in the $50-$150 range. Prices vary depending on material quality and pumping mechanism. You can find many free guides online, but a professional DVD would cost you about $50.

Fact: Natural sexual enhancement supplements work to support your sexual performance and health from the inside. They provide benefits that cannot be gained from other external methods.


Which Male Enhancement Pill Works Best?

There are hundreds of penis enhancement supplements that you can find and buy online, and saying which one is the best may not be a clear-cut or objective determination. Most of the famous brands in the male enhancement market contain many identical ingredients or different ones that essentially have similar effects, thus their results and effectiveness are theoretically comparable.

I have analyzed dozens of penis pills, and based on primary considerations like claimed results, scientific evidence, professional opinions, product quality and reputation, I can assertively vouch for the following three pills for any man looking to juice up his sex life.

#1: VigRX Plus

My Verdict:

The Champion – high quality and powerful formula!

VigRX Plus Box and Package Prices

Review Digest and Comment:

A brand name that has put a smile on the face of thousands of men, VigRX Plus is a powerful male enhancement pill backed by clinical studies, doctor recommendation and positive consumer reviews. VigRX Plus is endorsed by Dr. Steven Lamm, MD, author of The Hardness Factor and a frequent guest on ABC’s The View and other TV programs. This product is manufactured and sold by US-based Leading Edge Health.

VigRX Plus works as a natural penile blood flow stimulator that can increase erection length and width, and help you sustain it longer. By taking VigRX Plus as a daily supplements you can improve quality of your erection and perform more vigorously.

In an industry infested with fraud and myths, VigRX Plus is assuredly not a scam that promises to increase your penis size by 3 inches! Claimed results seem to be rational and scientifically proven. These are the benefits that you can achieve by taking VigRX Plus pills:

  • Get a bigger and fuller erection (not permanent size growth).
  • Enjoy a harder erection that lasts longer.
  • Improve your penile circulation.
  • Increase stamina and endurance in the bedroom.
  • Increase sexual desire, pleasure and satisfaction.

Full List of Active Ingredients

  1. BioPerine (herbal extract: seed) 10mg
  2. Catuaba (herbal extract: bark) 100mg
  3. Cuscuta (herbal extract: seed) 50mg
  4. Damiana (herbal extract: leaf) 200mg
  5. Epimedium, aka Horny Goat Weed (herbal extract: leaf) 30mg
  6. Ginkgo Biloba (herbal extract: leaf) 200mg
  7. Hawthorn (herbal extract: berry) 200mg
  8. Korean Red Ginseng (herbal extract: root) 200mg
  9. Muira Puama (herbal extract: bark) 100mg
  10. Saw Palmetto (herbal extract: berry) 200mg
  11. Tribulus Terrestris (herbal extract: vine) 150mg


  • A world-wide trusted brand.
  • High quality, all-natural ingredients.
  • A potent formula with a high success rate.
  • Contains several Chinese herbs traditionally used to enhance male performance and potency.
  • Get initial results within a few hours (long-term daily use is suggested for stronger and lasting effects).
  • Doctor approved and recommended.
  • Affirmative consumer ratings and feedback.
  • No significant side effects were reported.
  • Place your order online from the comfort and privacy of your home.
  • Fast and discreet shipping to all countries.
  • Professional online and phone customer service.


  • Not very cheap. Prices start from $41 per month for the one-year supply pack, up to $76.99 per month when purchasing a single box.
  • Side effects and safety could be a concern for men with heart disease or blood pressure problems. In this case, medical consultation prior to taking VigRX Plus is strongly recommended (you may want to consider telemedicine services if you are too shy to talk about it face-to-face).

Click Here to Go to VigRX Plus Website and Order Online!

#2: ExtenZe

My Verdict:

The Premium Bargain – best value for money!

ExtenZe Box and Package Prices

Review Digest and Comment:

This quick fix male enhancement supplement is made in the United States by lifestyle products manufacturer Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. According to the company, ExtenZe is the #1 best-selling male enhancement product in the world.

ExtenZe capsules contain a proprietary blend of active herbal and natural ingredients that make it one of the most effective and fastest male enhancement pills available over the counter. Although ExtenZe is not a dead-on instant pill, its quick-acting formula will start working a few hours after the first time you take it. The pills should be taken every day if you are looking to achieve the maximum results.

Your penis will not grow permanently after taking ExtenZe, and this is not one of the results this brand claims, simply because it is not a scam! But if your quest is for a real penis enlargement product, then the following are the benefits ExtenZe can offer you:

  • Temporary lengthening and widening of the erect penis (caused by increased circulation).
  • Improve your penile rigidity.
  • Enhance your erectile function and strength naturally.
  • Increase your sexual power and endurance.
  • Boost your libido the herbal way.
  • Enjoy your sexual ability to its full potential.

Full List of Active Ingredients

  1. Astragalus (herbal extract: root)
  2. Black Pepper (herbal extract: seed)
  3. Boron (as Chelate) (mineral)
  4. Damiana (herbal extract: leaf)
  5. DHEA, Micronized (dehydroepiandrosterone) (natural compound)
  6. Folate (Folic Acid) (Vitamin B variant)
  7. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid – GABA (natural compound)
  8. Ginger (herbal extract: root)
  9. Ho Shou Wu (herbal extract: root)
  10. Hops (Strobile) (herbal extract: blossom)
  11. Horny Goat Weed (herbal extract: leaf)
  12. Korean Ginseng (herbal extract: root)
  13. L-Arginine Hydrochloride (amino acid)
  14. Licorice (herbal extract: root)
  15. Muira Puama (herbal extract: stem)
  16. Piper Longum (herbal extract: seed)
  17. Pregnenolone (38-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one) (natural compound)
  18. Pumpkin (herbal extract: seed)
  19. Stinging Nettle (herbal extract: root)
  20. Tribulus Terrestris (herbal extract: aerial part and fruit)
  21. Velvet Deer Antler (organic extract)
  22. Xanthoparmelia scabrosa (natural extract: aerial part)
  23. Yohimbe (herbal extract: bark)
  24. Zinc (as Oxide) (mineral)


  • Used by millions of men worldwide.
  • A scientific male enhancement innovation that works fast.
  • A safe and all-natural solution for better sexual performance.
  • Contains Yohimbe (bark) extract, which has been proven to treat ED.
  • No major side effects or health risks.
  • An affordable product; only $38.97 per month’s supply (discounts available on larger orders).
  • Instant and private online ordering.
  • Worldwide shipping – express and discreet.
  • Helpful customer support online and through phone.


  • Results vary from one individual to another, you may experience improvement right away, but you may need to keep taking the pills for at least two months to get ultimate effect.
  • It could be unsafe for patients with heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), anxiety or bipolar disorder. If you have or have had any of these conditions you need to consult with a health care professional before taking ExtenZe to make sure it won’t cause any dangerous complications or adverse effects.

Click Here to Go to ExtenZe Website and Order Online!

#3: ProSolution Plus

My Verdict:

The Runner-Up – solid results from this fresh contender!

ProSolution Plus Box and Package Prices

Review Digest and Comment:

My third pick is a relatively new product; ProSolution Plus, which is actually an all-new, extra-strength formula brought to you by the maker of the long-standing ProSolution Pills. ProSolution Plus is another quality brand owned by Leading Edge Health, the same maker of the number 1 recommended product; VigRX Plus.

ProSolution Plus is one of the few male enhancement formulations that have been clinically tested and proven. A clinical study published on their official website shows that ProSolution Plus is effective and well-tolerated in men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other forms of sexual dysfunction. If that doesn’t sound trustworthy enough, ProSolution Plus is also approved by Dr. Dave David, MD, a certified physician and surgeon who is a frequent medical commentator on CNN, Fox News and other media channels.

With its powerful botanical ingredients, ProSolution Plus delivers remarkable results. Despite the fact that it does not really increase the size of the male reproductive organ – nor does any other pill, for that matter – you can still gain many sexual advantages from ProSolution Plus, including:

  • Delay ejaculation and last longer in bed if you climax too early.
  • Improve erectile quality and function.
  • Increase your libido and performance.
  • Fulfill your desires and satisfy your woman.

Full List of Active Ingredients

  1. Asparagus Adscendens (herbal extract: root) 200mg
  2. Asphaltum (shilajit) (natural exudate that consists of many minerals and vitamins) 150mg
  3. Asteracantha Longifolia (herbal extract: seed) 80mg
  4. Curculigo Orchioides (herbal extract: root) 100mg
  5. Mucuna Pruriens (herbal extract: seed) 100mg
  6. Tribulus Terrestris (herbal extract: fruit) 100mg
  7. Withania Somnifera (herbal extract: root) 240mg


  • Contains herbs, vitamins and minerals used for thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for improving male performance.
  • An all-natural erection pill with no unpleasant side effects.
  • Results asserted by clinical studies and scientific literature.
  • Doctor evaluated and recommended.
  • The ProSolution™ brand has been in the men’s health market for more than a decade. This is far from a fly-by-night product.
  • Secure online ordering and professional customer support service.
  • Fast and private international delivery.


  • Benefits take some time to build up. You will notice improvement within the first few weeks, but it may take 3 to 6 months to get the most out of this supplement. The good thing is that you will be able to enjoy the enhancements 24/7 as long as you keep taking your daily serving of ProSolution Plus.
  • Prices are not very competitive for small orders. The 1-month package is priced at $69.95 + a shipping fee of $14.99, that’s a total of $84.94 for 60 tablets. But there is some good news; you get a worthy discount on 2-month and higher packages with free US shipping on select packages. Overall, the cost is fair considering the quality and service you get in return. And when compared to some other supplements or pricey prescription medicine, this may seem like an excellent bargain.

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Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Did you know that close to 50% of men over 40 deal with penis related problems? This has made penis enlargement pills a popular and relied upon solution. . The sad truth is that there is no reliable evidence which proves that these pills work. Although most men take these pills, they have no idea that they don’t work and may actually have harmful side effects. The most asked questions when it comes to these pills include: can this pills cause pain or penis deformation? Do the results last long or go away after a short period of time. This article is a brief but detailed look at whether penis enlargement pills work

Do Penile enlargement pills really work?

To the best of our knowledge these pills do not work. There are no studies anywhere that  have ascertained the claim that penis enlargement pills are effective . We have researched widely by talking to knowledgeable and experienced experts, we have gone through numerous peer-reviewed journals, medical journals and studies but nothing so far.

Although the manufacturers of pill enlargement pills claim that they work and are not harmful, no such pill has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The FDA only approves drugs after ascertaining that they are safe for human consumption and are also effective in functionality.  If no penis enlargement pills has been proven to be effective, it means that after extensive research and trials the FDA still doesn’t believe that these pills are effective or safe. In fact according to the FDA all penis enlargement pills are unsafe for human consumption and  do not work as effectively as the manufacturer claim.

If penile enlargement pills do not work and are not effective, why are they so widely marketed?

How come they are marketed so visibly although they don’t work? This is a question many men ask and have not received a satisfactory reply. The sad truth is that most manufacturers simply pry on the men’s concerns about their bodies and sexual health. The truth is that although marketed otherwise in reality most men are entirely within the normal range when it comes to penis size. Scientifically there is no ‘right length’. Each length small or big has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Have you watch any advertisement on enlargement pills? These ads are not only convincing but are at times backed by experts who are solely motivated by the idea of making profit. Additionally these adverts contain information that makes most men feel shorter than average when it comes to penis size. In fact most manufactures of this product have claimed that certain institutions conducted successful studies, and this has been debunked by the said organisations. In reality sexual satisfaction has nothing to do with genital size but more to do with the partner communicating and to each other what they desire in the bedroom.


Men suffering from sexual-related problems  often ask-how effective are penile enlargement pills? Here is the truth:

  • All these pills work by increasing blodflow to the penis hence ensuring harder and longer erectuions which in turn boosts sexual stamina and increases pleasure.
  • This is not completely safe, penis enlargement pills interrupt the normal blood flow which can cause pronlem with the heart and blood pressure. This will further worsen your health instead helping enlarge your penis.
  • Although not safe this method actually works because these pills make your penis accommodate more blood flow. This helps make the penis longer and thicker. Overtime this gives a longer and thicker penis.
  • If you must use them go through the ingredient list to understand how each ingredient works and wether it wioll have any negative side effects
  • Also check wether the ingredients specilayy aid in the sexual condition that you are dealing with.

What not to do when taking male enhancement pills

Heads up boys! While taking male enhancement pills there are a few contraindications that cannot be ignored. Just like any other drug in the market or and food supplement. There are precautions that have to be taken so that the drugs don’t end up causing more harm than good. In this brief but detailed article we provide you with great pointers that will ensure you avoid jeopardising the benefits of these potent pills.


Avoid alcohol

I am sure you are aware that alcohol interferes with how most medical prescription drugs work. Well, New Flash. They also affect how erection pills work and make them less effective. If you are on these pills, it is best to limit alcohol intake otherwise your body will not respond as expected.

Reduce intake of greasy foods and salt

Most male enhancement pills work through increasing blood flow to the penile chamber. This will affect blood movement in the body in its entirety. A necessary precaution when taking these pills is to watch your salt in take since this combined with how the pills work can make your blood pressure remarkably high.

Avoid caffeine before going to bed

Research has unequivocally ascertained that these pills also lead to insomnia in most men. Although insomnia does not happen in all happen who take these pills, it is better to take precautions and avoid a situation where you are unable to go to sleep naturally without the help of drugs. For men who are fond of drinking coffee before the go to bed, it is best to switch t alternative decaffeinated drinks such as fresh juices or simply drink coffee at least three hours before you are ready to go to sleep.

Never underestimate the power of water

When taking male enhancement pills it is best to take as much water as you can so that the pills are easily absorbed into the system and to also ensure that they work effectively. Additionally you also need to help your body detoxify so that the drug remnants don’t just build up in the liver. If you take erection pills, make it a point to take at least 8 glasses of water in day, if you can do more than this then the better for you. To help keep track of how much water you are taking simply place reminders, this is especially important if you are an extremely busy schedule.

Exercise is extremely important

Never forget the importance of exercise if you are taking erection pills. This is because exercise is what keeps your muscles and heart pumping. Aside from this, exercise is also important in improving how the male enhancement pills are absorbed by your body. A sure-fire way of taking full advantage of these pills and also lessens the negative side effects is by exercising as often as you can (the last thing you need when taking male enhancement pills is s a sedentary lifestyle).

If you are taking any other medication seek medical advice

Doctor using stethoscope on smiling patient

There are many drugs that are not supposed to be taken together. This is either because each drug affects how the other works or in some cases they nullify the effect of each other. Keep in mind that each drug you are taking has a different formulation and affects your body uniquely. When certain drugs interact your body processes can be affected detrimentally.

4 reasons to use only natural supplements in male enhancement

Are you trying to select the best male enhancement products? This can be quite a challenging decision since the current market is crowded with numerous supplements promising quick and effective results. There are literally thousands of options to choose from which make the decision even harder. Some promise to make your sexual performance better overnight while others claim to cure erectile dysfunction fast and safely. To help you narrow down your choices, here are 5 important reasons why natural supplements are the best option for safe and effective male enhancement.


One of the worst things that can happen when it comes to supplementation is dependency. Let’s look at how drugs differ from natural supplements-Scientifically speaking; drugs are specifically designed to alter how your body naturally works and this is why their effects are noticed way faster as compared to natural supplements. The issue with drugs is that when taken consistently the human body develops a tolerance and dependency for the drug in question.

When the drug is taken continuously over an extended period of time, there comes a time when the natural process halts and you are entirely dependent on the drug. On the other hands supplements work differently because they are absorbed just like food and this assists your natural process. They don’t alter the natural process, they only make it better. This means that although the effects will not be as fast as those of drugs, the way your body naturally works will not be affected in any way, it will only be enhanced.


Natural supplements have no detrimental side effects meaning that you can take them and experience positive results without bearing any bad consequences. This is unlike most drugs that are used for male enhancements such as pills. Most drugs when taken continually will affect your health negatively and also worsen your sex life eventually. For instance erection pills work by increasing blood flow to the penile chamber. When this happens continuously, the blood vessels in the area will be affected.


Drugs are typically quick acting solutions that will not benefit in you in the long-term. In the long term they actually make things worse. When it comes to male enhancement, drugs just boost libido and offer a quick erection-they don’t address the root of the problem. This means that unlike natural supplements, drugs are not a permanent solution to male sexual problems.


Since all natural supplements do is enhance how your body works on its own, you can expect the results to be completely natural. I mean don’t you just hate it when you take a pill and have to wait for hours before getting an erection? Since most men do not want to openly admit that they are taking pills for an erection, the last thing they need is a four hour erection; in fact it is a dead giveaway. This is unlike natural supplements which you take regularly and follow your body’s lead.

FAQ About Male Enhancement Pills

Question 1: What are penis enlargement pills?

Answer: Penis enlargement pills, also known as male enhancement pills, or simply penis pills, are herbal dietary supplements that are used to improve male sexual health and increase the size of the erect penis. Since these pills only contain herbal and natural ingredients they are sold over-the-counter (OTC) and do not require a prescription.

Question 2: What do these pills contain?

Answer: Different brands of penis pills may contain different ingredients, but in general they are made up of a blend of herbs and natural substances that have been studied and proven to help men enhance their sexual performance. Here are a few ingredients commonly found in penis pills:

Herbs commonly used to make penis and male enhancement pills

  • Asian Red Ginseng: Increases sex drive, endurance energy and sperm production and motility. Treats premature ejaculation as well.
  • Damiana (Turnera Diffusa): Acts as an aphrodisiac, helps combat depression and relaxes muscles.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: Increases blood flow to the penis.
  • Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Sagittatum): Works in the same way Viagra functions, as a PDE5 inhibitor, to relax blood vessels and allow more blood to flow to the penis.
  • Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum Olacoides): Effects include increased testosterone production, elevated libido and larger erection size.
  • Yohimbe: Dilates blood vessels allowing the penis to take in more blood and get harder.

Question 3: How can a pill make my penis grow bigger?

Answer: There’s no miracle pill that will increase your penis size after your body has completed its growth stage, i.e. you’re over puberty age, period. Any company or website that promises you X inches of gain in penis size by merely taking a pill is unquestionably deceiving you.

The label “penis enlargement pills” may be misleading as well. Penis or male “enhancement” pills would be a more precise description, since these pills work to improve (increase) erection size and hardness and promote male libido, stamina and overall sexual health. But, to permanently increase the size of the penis (length and girth of flaccid and erect penis) pills must be combined with another method or more that is tested and proven to stimulate actual growth of the organ, the best of which are natural enlargement exercises and penis extenders (traction devices).

Question 4: What results can I look for?

Answer: The following is a list of realistic, achievable results that men can attain by taking penis pills:

  • Bigger and Firmer Erections: Resulting from increased blood flow and more relaxed/widened blood vessels.
  • Overcome Erection Difficulties: Enjoy better mental and circulatory health to naturally remedy mild to moderate erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • Increased Libido: Natural aphrodisiac herbs boost your sexual desire.
  • Increased Sexual Energy: Endure longer in bed and restore your energy quicker.
  • More Intense Orgasms: Thanks to fuller erections and turbocharged sex drive.

Question 5: How long does it take to start seeing results?

Answer: Unlike quick-acting short-lived prescription drugs, herbal pills work slower, but results last much longer. When using a good penis pill (and we feature a few good ones in the reviews section), you can expect to start feeling improvement after a few days – or maybe sooner – of regular use. Ultimate results may take months to reach and will also depend on your lifestyle – the healthier you live the better and longer-lasting results you’ll get.

Question 6: How effective are penis enlargement pills?

Answer: Dramatic and prompt changes are not a peculiarity of herbal supplements, and the gained benefits may vary in acuity from one user to another. Some controllable factors can impact the effectiveness of the pills – the following are important tips to help you get stronger and more noticeable results:

  1. Keep a healthy weight and dietary habits. Overweight and fatty meals can hamper the body’s ability to absorb and metabolize the herbs.
  2. Have an active lifestyle and exercise regularly for better cardiovascular health to help your body utilize the active ingredients more efficiently.
  3. Cut down on, or better quit smoking and heavy drinking.
  4. Get enough sleep to allow your body to repair itself and replenish its energy.

Question 7: Are penis pills safe for all men?

Answer: Renowned penis pill brands only contain natural and herbal components in dosages that are considered safe for daily consumption by an adult male. Side effects are rare and most manufacturers list none.

Interaction with other medications is not a common issue, though it’s advised that you consult with a pharmacist or a physician before taking the pills, especially if you are on prescription drugs for heart problems, hypertension and/or depression.

Follow the maker’s instructions (should be included in the box/pack) for proper and safe use.

Question 8: Why do some penis pills seem very costly when compared to other herbal supplements?

Answer: Most brands of male enhancement pills are priced at $50-$100 for a month’s supply. You could probably find and buy the same ingredients generically at a fraction of that price, but as with all branded products there are other factors than just the sheer cost of components that affect the retail price.

Quality of the ingredients, research and development, customer support and marketing expenses are all reflected on the price tag.

Question 9: If these male pills do work, why do so many men still pay premium prices to get prescription ED drugs?

Answer: Prescription medications for erectile dysfunction – mainly Viagra, Cialis and Levitra – are widely used by men who are looking for a strong and instant fix for a hard boner. Aside from the pesky side effects, these drugs do quite well and are trusted by many professionals and patients.

On the other hand, herbal supplements for penis enhancement have a lot of controversy surrounding them, leading many men to view them with a skeptic eye. The prevalence of fraudulent products and over-exaggerated/false claims in this market does not help.

Herbal alternatives cannot treat severe erectile dysfunction like prescription drugs do, but herbal pills have undoubtedly benefited and helped many men improve their sex life in various aspects. Promoting the true facts about these pills and exposing the scams should help establish more consumer confidence in them.

Question 10: How can I avoid rip-off wiener pills?

Answer: You need to be more wary than usual when shopping for your bedroom booster since this is one of the favorite target markets of unscrupulous scammers. Any of the following should be viewed as a red flag for a potential rip-off:

  1. Free trials that ask for your credit card details.avo
  2. Outrageous claims, like add 3 inches to your penis length.
  3. Secret formula or ingredient that is not available elsewhere.
  4. Unknown manufacturer or no contact information on the website.

Question 11: Which male enhancement pill should I buy?

Answer: We have reviewed multiple brands of penis pills, and based on several criteria including quality and benefits of ingredients, clinically and medically backed claims, customer support and company professionalism; our top-recommended product is VigRX Plus. Click the link to read the full review, and also take a look at the pill comparison chart to see how it compares to other brands.

Which medical conditions make it dangerous for men to use male enhancement pills?

Male enhancement pills are becoming increasing popular as years go by. This is because they are an easy way to tackle erectile dysfunction and other problems that men grapple with in the bedroom. However just because someone else is using them safely does not mean they are a great idea for you. In this article we look at some medical conditions that make it dangerous to use male enhancement pills.

Heart disease

Any man who does not have a cardiovascular condition can use these pills without fear of harm. These pills are only meant for a man with a healthy heart. A man with heart disease r any other complications related to the heart needs to rake extra precautions or simply just avoid them altogether and seek an alternative such as penile pumps or penis extenders.

Male enhancement pills work by affecting the arteries; they contain nitric oxide that causes arteries in the penile chamber to widen. What most people don’t consider is that since the nitric oxide is emitted throughout the body even the arteries outside the penile chamber are affected. When arteries are wider the blood pressure drops temporarily. This reduction in blood pressure will affect anyone with a heart condition negatively.

High blood pressure

The truth of the matter is that while male enhancement pills are effective in boosting sexual performance, they cause numerous side effects that the manufacturers have managed to downplay. How they give you that erection is by boosting blood supply to the penile chamber. This leads to increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. This means that if you already have high blood pressure, these pills will only make the situation worse.


If you are suffering from either Diabetes 1 or Diabetes 2 then you should seriously reconsider taking male enhancement pills. This is because for diabetics there are many possible side effects that could make the situation worse for you. Many studies have ascertained that most male enhancement pills contain ingredients that will lead to significant drop in blood sugar levels. It is for this purpose that diabetics need to be wary of these pills.

Men with high Cholesterol levels

Men with high cholesterol are given drugs that are rich in nitrates to help cut down the cholesterol. Keep in mind that male enhancement pills also contain nitrates that help expand the arteries so that more blood can pass through into the penile chamber to cause an erection. If you have high cholesterol and are on drugs then go ahead and mix that with male enhancement pills you will have excess nitrates in your blood. Some signs of too much nitrates in the blood include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Heart palpitations
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • High blood pressure
  • Nervousness


While male enhancement pills can be helpful in helping men with sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, they are not meant for everyone. If you have any of the medical conditions mentioned above, it is best to stay clear of them.