Penis Injections vs. Herbal Pills: Which is Better & Safer for Erectile/Size Enhancement?

Penis injections and herbal male enhancement pills are two of the common non-surgical solutions men use to improve their erectile function and rigidity.

Penile injection therapy was one of the earliest treatments to be discovered and approved for men with erectile dysfunction or impotence. This is usually the second medication option a urologist would recommend to his ED patient if oral drugs, like Viagra and Cialis, are not suitable or preferred. Most patients were able to achieve a hard erection with this treatment in clinical trials.

Herbal male enhancement pills are also widely-used by men to improve blood flow to the penis and increase erection firmness. While there are many doubts and warnings about these pills both by professionals and consumers — thanks to all the Internet pill-pushers and scammers! — there are still some genuine herbal pills and vitamins that have helped millions of men worldwide nourish their reproductive system and rejuvenate their sex organ.

So, which one of these two male sexual dysfunction remedies works better? Which one is safer, cheaper and easier to use? The following table compares the main features, pros and cons of penile injections vs. natural supplements.

Penis Injections Herbal Male Enhancer Pills
Photos Penile Injection Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Photo: Intracavernous penile injection into erectile tissue.
Herbal Male Enhancement Pills (Ginkgo Leaf)
Photo: Herbal pill (capsule) on a Ginkgo leaf.
What is it like? A liquid drug bottled in a vial. An intracavernous injection (syringe) is used to inject the drug directly into the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue inside the shaft of the penis). An oral tablet or a capsule. Some come in the form of a gel or a liquid capsule.
What does it contain? A chemical medicine (single active ingredient or mixture). A formula of herbs and other natural extracts.
How does it work? When the drug is delivered to the erectile tissue in the penis, it expands blood vessels inside the corpora cavernosa (main erectile bodies of the penis) leading to increased blood flow and an instant erection. After the ingredients are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, the active ingredients of the different herbs and natural compounds help relax blood vessels in the penis and, in the long run, improve the health of the circulatory system. Different herbs are used to enhance mood, libido, physical vigor, cellular energy, blood flow and overall well-being.
Is it easy to use? You must have experience and be comfortable with using a needle injection. Your doctor should demonstrate to you how to inject the shot, and once you’re ready you’ll be able to do it yourself at home right before sexual activity. As easy as swallowing a pill.
Who should take it? Men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Could be used for advanced cases of ED or where oral prescription drugs are not suitable. Any man with mild erection problems. Even men without ED can use herbal supplements to increase erection strength and sexual performance naturally.
Is it FDA-approved? Yes, numerous injectable ED medications have been approved by the FDA as Rx-only. No, these are classified as dietary supplements and do not require FDA approval as a treatment.
How safe is it? This treatment is generally safe for men who do not suffer from any heart or blood pressure problems. In all cases, you must see a doctor before using any self-injection for ED. Genuine herbal supplements are safe and good for use by any man older than 18 years. Some online-sold products may be fake, dangerous and/or contain undeclared prescription drugs, like sildenafil and others.
Do I need a prescription? Yes, you must visit a doctor/urologist and get a prescription before you can use these drugs. No, you can buy them over the counter. Consulting with a doctor is recommended for patients with a heart condition or blood pressure issues.
What are the side effects? Side effects vary depending on the specific drug(s) being used. Some of the common side effects are pain in the genital area (penis, testicles, urethra, groin), headache, dizziness, bleeding/bruising/redness/itching/numbness in the penis, low blood pressure, priapism. Typically there are no side effects since the active ingredients are natural and consumed in a moderate dosage. Some mild side effects may develop in less common cases, these may include headache, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, low blood pressure.
How long it takes to work? After injecting yourself you’ll have to wait about 5 to 20 minutes for the medicine to take effect. Some drugs may work slightly faster than others. Most men start to experience improvement in sexual ability and blood circulation after a few hours of taking the pill.
How long does it last? Most of these drugs remain effective for about an hour. Supplements are meant to be long-term enhancements rather than a quick-fix. By taking the daily serving as instructed you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits 24/7.
Does it treat ED? Yes, injectable drugs offer a short-term remedy for most men with ED. Yes, many herbal ED pills have worked effectively for men with mild erection trouble (results vary).
Does it enlarge the penis? No, ED drugs may increase erection fullness due to improved blood flow but they do not cause any actual growth in penile size. No, penis pills may help increase the length and girth of the erect penis as a result of better circulation, but they do not cause permanent enlargement.
Does it increase libido? No effect on sex drive. Yes, most supplements contain natural aphrodisiacs.
Does it increase stamina? No effect. Yes, many pills contain herbs that are used to increase physical energy and endurance.
How much does it cost? Price depends on the specific drug, dosage and brand. Normal cost ranges from $30 to $100 per injection or cartridge kit. Depends on the brand and formula. Normally around $50 per 30 servings (one month supply).
What are the pros?
  • The fastest way to get an erection almost immediately
  • A self-injection that you can use at home
  • High success rate
  • Long-term sexual health enhancement the natural way
  • You gain multiple benefits with a single serving packed with medicinal herbs and vitamins
  • No unpleasant side effects or health risks
  • Very affordable
What are the cons?
  • Injections may be uncomfortable or scary, especially when used in a sensitive part like the penis
  • You may feel a little pinch or pain from the needle
  • May cause bleeding, bruising or scarring of the penis
  • Requires supervision and training by a professional before you can safely inject yourself
  • You cannot take more than 3 doses in a week
  • There are several side effects
  • Results vary from one individual to another
  • Not as strong as prescription medication
  • Should be taken daily for an extended period of time to build up maximum results
  • Many of the products sold over the Internet are bogus or mislabeled
Some of the popular brands
  • Edex (contains Alprostadil, aka Prostaglandin E1)
  • Caverject (contains Alprostadil)
  • Trimix (contains a mixture of Alprostadil, Papaverine and Phentolamine)
Where can I buy it? You can find the popular brands at Kroger Pharmacy, Kmart, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Walgreens and other retail drug stores. Usually found in supplement shops and convenience stores. You can also order them online safely and discreetly (see links to official stores in the reviews).