Penis Extenders versus Pills; What Do I Choose?


Sex plays an important role in a relationship. A great sex life makes partners more intimate and for most men it is important that they satisfy their sexual partners completely. Although sex is extremely important for men, the statistics of men who are dealing with sexually related issues is rising every year. According to a study published by the Huffington Post close to 40% of men above the age of 20 years old are dealing with sex related issues that affect sexual performance and general sexual health negatively.

pills versus penis extenders

This is the reason why male enhancement products such as penile extenders, penis enhancement pills and even penis pumps are becoming increasingly popular. Faced by so many choices, most men have no idea what is ideal for them and would benefit them most. In this brief but nonetheless detailed article, we compare penis pills and penis extenders. Each is different depending on your sexual needs, the problem you are dealing with and what your objectives are.

Let’s begin with a crash course on what penis pills and penis extenders are

Penis Pills


The statistics are incredible when it comes to penis pills, did you know that the term ‘penis pills’ is searched over 20,000 thousand times a month! While the statistics are incredible they are not surprising because most guys are looking for a quick fix that can elevate their sexual performance and enable them satisfy their partners more. A penis pill is simply a consumable tablet that is claimed to increases penis size and boost sexual performance tremendously.

Penis Extenders

On the other hand a penis extender is a device that is used to help hold the penis in an extended state for 4 to 6 hours in day. These devices are used to help men who are dealing with ‘size issues’. Additionally penile extenders are also extremely effective in straightening men who are dealing with curvature in their shaft. This curvature is known as Peyronie’s disease. Based on numerous reliable studies, a penis extender is very effective in increasing penile length and helping deal with the curvature resulting from Peyronie’s disease.

An extender is simply a device that helps to stimulate tissue production because of consistent pressure of hard and long erections.These extenders apply longitudinal force on the penis causing it to increase the girth and length. In fact numerous reliable studies have unequivocally proved that penis extender can actually increase the size of the penis by 30% in just 3 to 6 months. This kind o growth is what every man dealing with sexually related problems:

Here is how they work….

Penis extenders work by simply using what is known as the traction principle. According to the traction principle keeping the penis in a stretched position will trigger what is known as hyperplasia meaning the stretched body part will tend to remain in the stretched position. When Hyperplasia takes place the cells in the penis split and then duplicate and this substantially increases the amount of penis tissue cells. The end result when an extender is used is indisputable because there are permanent size gains causing increased tissue mass. When it comes down to studies and facts penis extenders take the cake because their indisputable scientific evidence that they work.

What about pills?

On the other hand male enhancement pills work by increasing the blood flow to penis and therefore ensuring that your erections are longer and harder. The problem of using these pills is that they interrupt normal blood flow pattern the body. This means that although they increase the size of the penis temporarily, they jeopardise blood flow patter the body. The mechanism through which penis pills work is not considered safe by the FDA and as result none of these pills are approved by the FDA.

Why are pills more popular than penile extenders?

The reason pills are more popular than extenders is the smart marketing strategy implemented by te manufacturers. They are marketed as ‘magic pills’ that will resolve all your sexual problems in a minute. While these claims are not necessarily true they are attractive and therefore catch the attention of most men.

The rise of the penis extender!

Contrary from male enhancement pills, penis extenders are a mechanical solution that does not offer a quick solution but utilise the traction principle which has been proven safe and effective in numerous scientific studies. Do you know that the traction principle is used reliably in plastic surgery as well as in cultural body modifications around the globe?

Let us now compare the benefits and limitations of Male enhancements pills and Penis Extenders

Benefits of Penis Pills

  • Pills make the penis harder by improving blood flow to the penile chamber. These pills have an ingredient known as ‘horny goat weed’ that helps increase blood flow to the penile region.
  • Male enhancement pills are easy to use because all you need is simply swallow them with water and you are ready to go!
  • The first bottle of male enhancement pills will not cause you a lot. However this will quickly change when you want to pay for refills
  • Pills work instantly since they are designed to give you an erection in a pinch. This makes them a great solution for erectile dysfunction and a quick confidence booster that will improve your sex life.

CONS of Penis Pills

  • They come in tablet and pill form which is extremely challenging for some people to swallow
  • You must keep buying them about 1 or 2 statements a month for the bill bottles which can be quite costly. These constant payments mean you can spend up to $100 in a year.
  • Doctors advise that you don’t take the pills when you stop experiencing beneficial effects

 Benefits of Penis Extender

penis extender

  • Unlike pills penis extenders have been clinically proven to be effective
  • They don’t promise quick result but instead use a scientific principle that has been proen effective-this means you get exactly what you are paying for
  • When used appropriately, penis extenders are extremely effective; men who have taken part in studies have all experienced permanent gains without any detrimental side effects.
  • Penis extenders are way cheaper that male enhancement pills. You pay close to $150 for a penis extender once while when it comes to pills you can easily surpass the $1000 mark in a year.

What are the limitations of Penis Extenders?

Penile extenders are mechanical tools- meaning you have no option; you need to use them responsibly to gain any feasible results.

So it is a fact and given that penis extenders will require more effort that pills. Just like pills you must use them consistently if you want to continue enjoying the results.


Both pills and extenders are effective in their own way. If you are going for quick results that don’t last then pills are a great choice. However if you want permanent gains that will take time to attain, penis extenders are the way to go. Check out our ratings of best penis extenders here for more information on which to buy.