Are All Penis Enlargement Pills Scams? Hint: 100% YES!

Want to add inches to your little buddy down there? You’re in luck, because a simple online search for penis enlargement products will give you countless choices of pills, creams, patches, oils and other innovative quick fixes that will make your sex organ grow. And the best thing is that they are all ‘proven’, ‘natural’, ‘safe’, ‘guaranteed’, and backed by rave testimonials by ‘real’ happy users and their satisfied wives!

But there is one little problem… It is all a big hustle based on nothing more than lies! Let me point out some key facts you need to know about the so-called ‘natural penis enlargement’ products.

No Compound Can Make Your Penis Grow

You are not the first man to seek a penis enlargement product. Countless numbers of men from all over the world have tried drugs, herbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, testosterone, HGH, and even magic spells to make their sex organ grow. None of that worked! Indeed, science agrees that once a man’s body stops growing naturally (after puberty age), then no medicine or hormone can make the penis grow.

All the claims you may hear on penis enlargement websites about stimulated penile ‘cell multiplication’ and ’tissue growth’ are fiction science that is not based on any genuine scientific principles.

And how come all those miraculous remedies for penis growth are only championed by shady commercial websites, but no credible websites, newspapers, TVs, or doctors ever talk about them (except in negatives reports)?! Do you really believe that some self-proclaimed scientist or a porn star has discovered a secret formula for penis growth that no one in the mainstream medical community knows about? I don’t think so.

So, the next time you are offered a penis enlargement pill, ask them to provide scientific evidence that verifies the claims — like a clinical study published in a reputable scientific magazine. Or, you can simply do your own research by looking up the ingredients in a trustworthy medical source (like, and see if any of the ingredients has any known effect on penis size.

Beware of Rave Online Reviews

Typically, when you hear about a ‘break-through’ product that will increase your penis size, you would look for user reviews on Google, Amazon, YouTube, etc. But the thing is, most of the supposedly real and unbiased reviews – especially those ranking at the top of search results – are either created by the product’s seller or their compensated affiliates. That does not automatically mean it’s a fake review, but if it makes false claims – like penis growth – then it is 100% fake.

Do not be fooled by plausible personal success stories, ‘shocking’ reviews, before and after pictures, and other common confidence tricks. Some scammers go to great lengths to create compelling pitches and arguments that may dupe unsuspecting consumers.

Understanding the Scammers’ Motivation

The penis enlargement market is, without exaggeration, a gold mine. Some surveys showed that most men are not quite satisfied with their penis size. There are literally millions of men from all places around the globe who are desperate, insecure, or naive enough to spend hundreds of dollars on penis growth pills even when they are not 100% convinced that they may work.

‘Good news’ for those guys, there are many unscrupulous companies out there that will readily sell fake hopes and promises and cash in big time on it. Well, at least it may lift your spirits for a while until you finally receive the product and taste the red pill (the unpleasant truth that you have been swindled).

But, It’s Guaranteed?

Sure it is. The money-back guarantee is a common bait in the penis enlargement industry. Here are some of the usual tricky parts:

  • Most consumers just see the front-page banner which says ‘100% Refund’, ‘Risk-Free Trial’, ‘Full Money-Back Guarantee’, etc. But look beyond the flashy banner, and on some unnoticeable terms page you will find many restrictions and exclusions. Of course most customers only notice that after it’s too late.
  • No company will give you back 100% of the money you paid them. They usually deduct shipping, handling and restocking fees. You’d be lucky if you get more than half what you paid back.
  • Most companies will make the process as hard and long as possible. Actually they count on the proven fact that most customers will just swallow it and not even bother with claiming a refund.
  • Some companies will outright rip you off and not respond to your emails or calls.

Is Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Possible at All?

Possible? Yes, but not by means of pills or any other quick-fix solution. If you are really fixed on buffing up your ‘love muscle’, then there is one non-invasive technique that may work; using a penile traction device, aka a penis extender.

As shown in clinical studies, stretching your penis for 6+ hours a day using a penis extender device can increase its length by up to 1 inch after about 6 months. That is not an easy task to go through, and at the end of the day, efficacy will vary for each individual and it’s not guaranteed to result in significant gains. However, this is your best option as far as non-surgical penis enlargement goes.

5 Tips for a Naturally Bigger Penis

Having a healthy and active lifestyle can really pay off in the bedroom. Here are some general tips that may help you perform better in bed, last longer, and get a larger erection.

  1. Exercise improves heart health and circulation, which is crucial for achieving a full and strong erection. Running or jogging on a daily basis is the best cardio exercise for overall health. You may also exercise your penis by gently massaging and stretching it for a few minutes every time you take a shower or bath.
  2. Weight loss is a proven way to make your penis look bigger. Overweight men usually have a thick layer of fat surrounding their shaft and significantly reduce its visible and usable length. As you lose weight, the fat around the base of your penis starts to recede making your penis more protruding and notably bigger.
  3. A nutritious, well-balanced diet is a must if you are looking to improve your sexual performance. Cut back on alcohol, sugary drinks and treats, and junk food in general. Eat more greens, whole grains, nuts, and healthy fish (like salmon). Certain foods can also boost blood flow, such as spinach, celery, blueberries, beetroot juice and pomegranate juice. You may also take herbal supplements to enhance your libido and stamina.
  4. Anything that is harmful to your heart and circulation will eventually also affect your penis size and erectile function. For example, smoking damages blood vessels and may cause penile shrinkage. Also, diabetes and other conditions may reduce blood supply to the genitals resulting in a smaller penis. Take good care of your health and see a doctor if necessary.
  5. Sleep is important for your body to rest and restore its normal testosterone levels. It is recommended to get at least 7-8 hours of a good night’s sleep, otherwise you may experience low energy, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and small/weak erections.