The Various Penis Enlargement Methods Through Time

Priapus with his enormous erect penis
Priapus, Greek god of fertility, holding his huge erect penis

Are you under the impression that penis enlargement is a new thing? Believe it or not, you’re wrong! All through history, men have had that burning desire to increase their size of their penis to please their women. In fact, men of the past (like some men of today) believe their penis size is tied to social adjustment, power and manliness.

What kinds of penis enlargement methods were conducted in the past? You know that today’s method of penis enlargement methods include devices, exercises and pills. And, when you compare today’s methods to those used in the past, you’ll certainly notice that they’re more humane to a man’s manhood.

5 Ancient Penis Enlargement Techniques Used and Why They Worked or Didn’t Work

With that in mind, what were the commonly used penis enlargement methods in various cultures and through the decades?

  1. Penis Weights: Many cultures, such as the Peruvian Cholomecs, Indian Sadhus and several African tribes, used weights on their penis to increase their length up to 18 inches. And, penis weights did work to increase the length. However, it didn’t work to increase the girth. In fact, penis weights caused their penis to slim down like a spaghetti noodle and seriously damaged the tissue, causing a man’s tool to become unusable. Bear in mind that penis weights did work but there was no control behind them, which is why many of today’s doctors suggest men not to use them.
  2. Snake Poison: In a Brazilian 16th century culture, the Topinama would allow poisonous snakes to bite their penis to tremendously enlarge their manhood. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? Well, for most men in this culture, it was a pain that lasted at least six months. However, they viewed that pain as a sacrifice to satisfying their women over and over.
  3. Severed Penis Consumption: Some wise men of the past had a completely different idea on how to enlarge the precious manhood. They believed that eating the penis of a slave who has been castrated would help increase their own penis. Keep in mind that they didn’t just eat the penis; they also consumed the scrotum and testicles too.
  4. Jelqing: Another ancient penis enlargement technique that is still commonly used today is known as jelqing. Some folks believe that this exercise began in the Middle East and were used by Arabic men to increase their penis size to more than 20 inches. Whether it’s true or not, jelqing is still very popular and is widely known by other names such as massaging, milking or penis stretching.The premise behind jelqing is to increase the penis girth and length by forcing more blood into the spongy tissue called the corpora cavernosa. The milking will cause the cell walls to expand and stretch so that more blood does enter the penis.
  5. Herbal Aphrodisiacs: One final ancient penis enlargement technique used by men of the past was the consumption of Chinese herbal medicine like yohimbe and ginseng. They used this method in conjunction with jelqing or other similar penis enlargement exercises. These herbs could increase the size and erection of the penis and boost sexual appetite. This is another commonly used method today!

Today, men have the choice to use penis enlargement pills and exercises as well as undergo surgery to increase the size of their penis. Although some cultures still do penis weights or use poison and it’s highly unlikely any culture is consuming severed penises, there’s no reason you have to do any of that and harm your penis just to keep a woman satisfied over and over!