Penis Enlargement Bible Review

The PE Bible

With a name like the Penis Enlargement Bible, there are arguably millions of men across the world wondering if this program is one they should convert to in order to stimulate penis growth and yield real results. The PE Bible, as it is referred to by those who have employed its practices, is written by Dr. John Collins and used a couple of methods to positively affect penis enlargement. The e-book covers not only penile enlargement, but the entire spectrum of men’ sexual health issues, but what everyone really wants to know is if it actually effective? With claims of at least two inches in growth and instructions to help you get there, the following is a rundown review of what the Penis Enlargement Bible truly has to offer.

Two Steps in Penis Enlargement

Biology for Growth

According to Dr. Collins, the cells within each body regulate everything from healing factors to growth and regeneration. The human body is a living miracle that is able to adapt and maneuver as needed to expand and grow, and these abilities extend to penile enlargement as well. However, the body eventually does stop growing even as brains and muscles are trained or enhanced. The first component of the program instructs users how to utilize the natural processes inside the body to extend penis size. According to Dr. Collins’ book, taking the suggested supplements triggers the body into mimicking the conditions present during the onset of puberty to stimulate growth.

Exercise for Growth

Maintaining growth demands staying as physically fit as possible, and the Penis Enlargement Bible explains that techniques it uses to naturally extend the penis over time. According to this e-book, it all boils down to a proper diet and technique.

Beginning the Program

The Penis Enlargement Bible comes as an e-book that is direct and to the point, with each step explained and laid out, making each exercise easy to follow and accomplish before moving on to the next. The unique aspect of the program is that it stresses both the chemical and physical components to penis enlargement and the supplements that are necessary to stimulate penis growth. The physical aspect of the program involves specialized exercises that are combined with dietary supplements to maximize the size of your penis. The majority of previous users have found the program to be effective. The program runs over the course of several weeks, with instructions that should be followed precisely for optimal results. As it requires only a minimal amount of time daily, being able execute the program over several weeks is made easier.

The PE Bible


The majority of men that follow the program for a few weeks see a noticeable different in length and girth, with no negative side effects reported. When it comes to extending the penis, slow and incremental lengthening is ideal and if soreness arises, taking a day off is advised. Of utmost importance is to closely follow the instructions as the PE Bible dictates. Once you have made a total commitment, in addition to larger, thicker erections, users noticed lower hanging flaccid penises, stronger erections, and reduced performance problems. The PE Bible goes beyond just extending the length of the penis to include lessons on how to keep harder erections, end premature ejaculation, increase the volume of ejaculate, and the other ways in which supplements can heal your body. At the end of the program, measure your penis to know your exact length and girth before and after treatment. Most users report gains between 2 to 4 inches.


  • The PE Bible is safe compared to penis pumps, and penile extenders that can put shafts at risk of permanent damage
  • user-friendly stretching exercises that are easy to perform and follow
  • additional supplements to enhance physical condition as well as elevate sexual performance
  • permanent results once the program is complete
  • affordable cost, premium value
  • 95% customer satisfaction rate
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • serious risks have been associated with some supplements used in the guide
  • It is necessary to consume additional supplements in order to curb the effects of the initial round
  • Some users reported the biochemical/hormones required to supplement penile enlargement to be too private.

Final Note

So, the bottom line is whether or not the Penis Enlargement Bible is a viable option for men looking to extend their penis? The answer seems to be a resounding yes, and the straight forward guide offers a quick way to attain penile growth that is noticeable and remarkable. Purchasers don’t just receive the 94-page Penis Enlargement Bible, but two bonus supplements as well. The first, The Ultimate Guide, uses specially designed photographs and words to show you how to perform all the exercises for the program. The second supplement, ‘What Not To Do’ Better Sex Guide, gives men insider tips on how to sexually please their partner to enhance the lovemaking experience.

With more than 5,000 men already singing its praises, it has been proven to enlarge the penis, and even better, the gains are long-lasting. One of the best advantages to the PE Bible is the retail price at $47 which, when coupled with their money back guarantee, is all the more reason to take a chance on a product that has proven results with thousands of customers. To purchase this product directly, click here!

The PE Bible