PeniMaster Pro Review: Longer Shaft & Puffy Glans! Worth the Effort?

PeniMaster Pro penis extender (rod and belt system)

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 Penimaster Pro Review

PeniMaster Pro is a penile stretching device that you can use to stimulate natural growth in your penis. In principle, it works similar to any penis extender device, i.e. it stretches your penis by pulling it from its head (glans).

Unlike most devices on the market that use a rubber strap or a silicon noose fastener fixed around the neck of the penis (behind the corona), PeniMaster Pro has a unique vacuum-based plastic ball that is mounted on the glans to facilitate the stretching action. This type of suction fastener has its pros and cons (discussed below), but all in all, it is the most unique positive characteristic of this product. Penismaster pro is highly rated and you can see our ranking for it on our best penis extenders article here.

PeniMaster Pro

Video 1: Application as a rod extender

Video 2: Application as a hip belt

View more videos on the official PeniMaster Pro website

Benefits of PeniMaster Pro

  • Comes in two forms: a rod extender and a belt system (the complete set includes both at an affordable price).
  • The rod extender offers better and constant traction force in two directions: upwards and downwards.
  • The belt system is more flexible and allows you to stretch your penis in different directions, especially sideways.
  • Both the rod extender and belt system can be concealed under your clothes while you go about your daily activities.
  • The self-adapting, vacuum-secured head piece provides outstanding comfort compared to strap or noose fasteners.
  • No worries about the head piece slipping off. It can stay on for hours straight.
  • Quality is second to none, compared to other traction devices. It really feels like a medical-grade product.
  • Well-documented with many instructive articles and videos explaining every aspect of using the device safely.

Drawbacks of PeniMaster Pro

  • Upon long hours of usage, your glans may become swollen due to fluid retention. This isn’t a big deal and it usually goes away shortly after taking it off.
  • Some users may develop edema in the glans, which can be unpleasant and painful. Normally this should not happen, but if you use too much tension force then you may be at risk.
  • You may get blisters on your glans. This may happen if there are some trapped air spots between the adhesive diaphragm and the skin of the glans.
  • More tricky to wear than other extenders, especially for first-time users.

What Results Can Be Achieved?

Scoring results with any penis extender is not a walk in the park, and anyone who has gained size using this method will tell you that. PeniMaster Pro is no exception.

It can increase your penis length permanently, but that will require you to wear it 6-12 hours a day and 4-6 days a week for at least three months before starting to see gains. How much? No one can really give you an exact estimate of the extra length you will gain or the time it will take you to achieve it!

Effectiveness and results will vary for each individual, and your body’s compliance determines if it will work for you or not. This holds true for any extender device, not just the PeniMaster Pro. But in general, you can expect to gain an extra inch or so within a regular usage period of 6+ months.

I would not bother much looking for others’ before and after pictures since results are more individual than across the board. Plus, a lot of the “proof” pictures posted online are deceptively created for the purpose of bragging or scamming others.

Price and Discounts

You can choose between the following packages:

  • Belt expander system for $256.
  • Rod extender system for $278.
  • Complete set (belt + rod extender) for $323.

It’s worth paying the extra money to get the complete set, which will give you more options to find the most comfortable and productive way to wear it.

There are no coupon codes available, but you can get a 15% discount if you own another brand of penis extenders and can show proof of purchase (invoice or payment receipt).

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