Is Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Possible?

According to a 2009 British Journal of Urology study and many other studies conducted by reputable medical institutions taken of men who have used methods other than surgery to lengthen their penis- the answer is “yes!” The reason that non-invasive penis enlargement is not more widely accepted is that some of the claims are absolutely absurd.

“Swallow this pill and gain 3 inches overnight!” Yeah, sure.

The truth is, there are a few methods that actually do work! Not as many as the hype that bombards our email inboxes, or the commercials on TV, or the pill pushers would have you believe. But, penis enlargement without the use of surgery is possible, with satisfying results!

Most of the men surveyed were satisfied with the gains that they achieved. However, these results could not be called scientifically reliable because much depends on how the word “satisfied” is defined. Some men who were satisfied, had a 10 percent increase in length and were thrilled about it. Others, had a 20 percent or more increase in penis length, and were disappointed.

The reason for these differences apparently had little to do with original penis sizes, as one might expect. Having realistic expectations and not expecting to achieve the impossible were the two factors directly related to the degree of satisfaction.

Regardless of the method chosen, it requires a degree of commitment to each regimen, and time to allow the physical change to take place. As with bodybuilding and muscle training with weights, change does not happen overnight. And even though the penis is not a muscle, every one of these methods require the same dedication to performing the exercises that could eventually lead to the desired results.

Every type of enlargement method tested had their shortcomings- except two.

Aside from surgery, of all the methods on the market: devices, pumps, extenders, bands, vitamin supplements, herbal pills and potions- only two produced measurable results. The only methods that produced enlargements in over 90% of the males tested were:

  1. Manual Exercises. The simplest and easiest to perform because they require no paraphernalia, no apparatus, no equipment of any kind– nothing but your own two hands. The exercises, when done as directed, work two different ways. First, they stretch the penile ligaments allowing the penis to extend out further from their internal points of attachment. This action enlarges the sponge-like erectile tissue in the penis shaft, increasing the space between the tissue and allowing more blood to fill the area. This engorgement of extra blood into the area is what results in the size increase.
  2. Traction Devices. Often used alone or as part of post op recovery after penile surgery to further contribute to elongation. Just as its name implies, the penis is put into a rather sophisticated orthopedic-type device and elongates it by stretching. When the device was first introduced, the public didn’t believe it, the medical community scoffed at it, even the sexologists smirked- that is, until some of the test results were published.

No one laughs at traction devices anymore

The “traction” procedure wasn’t taken seriously until 1998, when a clinical study in Denmark conducted jointly by a respected urologist and a plastic surgeon produced unprecedented results. After only 8 weeks, test subjects achieved an increase of 17 percent in erection length. This shot up to 29% after 24 weeks of testing. That’s a former 6 inch erect penis now measuring an erect 8 inches!

While you’re going, you could be growing

The best part of a Traction Device? It’s worn while you’re on the go. Once the device is attached to the penis it can stay there all day, every day, and night if desired. Or if you wanted to really stretch it out, wearing it for two hours a day over a period of a year will get the same results.

And for maximum performance, a program consisting of a combination of Manual Exercises plus the use of a Traction Device will produce the most long-lasting results. And we do mean long.