Extenze Plus Review – Is this really the Best Male Enlargement supplement?


Extenze Plus is one of highest selling natural herbal supplements that helps increase blood circulation to the penis. This means that each time a user has an erection, the girth and the size will make your penis bigger hence a bigger erection. If used consistently over a couple of weeks, a user can get sustainable and impressive results. Furthermore, your erections will last longer and get harder. The market is crowded with fake pills out there that detrimentally affect your health and sexual performance! We recommend reading this guide carefully and only take the original pills and nothing else?


So what is Extenze?

This is a popular male performance-enhancing capsule that is entirely made from effective and safe ingredients that are sourced naturally. The hugely acclaimed formulation that is used to make these capsules is specifically designed to deliver enhanced sexual stimulation and superb endurance and performance.


Since the release of this product in the 1990s, it has been thoroughly tested and used more than any other male enlargement pills. Additionally the manufacturer of this product-Biotab Nutraceuticals is FDA has advanced manufacturing facilities that meets all the monitoring and quality controls that far exceed FDA and GMA accreditation standards. This manufacturer invests heavily in continuous research and marker feedback in order to improve their formulation to meet user’s needs. This improved formulation is structured specifically to achiever stronger erections as well as more endurance and enhanced sexual performance.

What are the benefits of Extenze Plus Male Enlargement and Enhancement Pills?

There has to be reason why these capsules are the highest selling globally right? It is because it delivers more than expected and makes love making more enjoyable and satisfactory. It is perfect for any man whether all you want to do is to augment failing sexual performance because of medical reasons or you simply desire tip top vitality. Here are the main benefits of Extenze Plus:

  1. Safe alternative to medical treatments

There are many erectile dysfunctions and some are extremely complicated. Sadly, the available medical therapies such as prescription drugs, vacuum pump and surgical penile implants can be risky. Additionally, these medical treatments are also more expensive. As such this male enhancement Capsules provide a safe, cheap and reliable solution.

  1. All the ingredients are natural

Each ingredient that is contained in this formulation is natural and plays a role in making this product more safe and effective. The nutrients and herbs are abundantly effective and have also need tested clinically to ascertain their vitality and potency. All the ingredients are tested exhaustively to ascertain their side effects, potency, efficacy and dosage.

  1. Guaranteed results

As mentioned earlier on this male nutritional supplement has been extensively researched, tried and tested for many decades. The potency of this product has been confirmed to deliver quick and lasting results.

  1. Money back guarantee

The best place to buy this product is on the official website where you get a money back guarantee if you are satisfied with this product after 60 days. This is not only convenient for buyers but also show how confident the manufacturer is about the efficiency and safety of their product.

  1. Recommended by professional sex therapists and physicians

This male enhancement supplement is approved and recommended by many knowledgeable and experienced professional in this industry. These experts corroborate its proven healing power as well its safety records.


Extenze Plus Main Ingredients

Male Enhancement Herbal Supplem

I am sure you are wondering what makes this supplement so effective… Simple! It is the all-natural potent ingredients it consists of. All the ingredients work collaboratively to help you achieve the sex life you desire.

Folic Acid 400mcg

 450 × 190Images may be subject to copyright Folic acid Formula

This is a vitamin B9 substrate that helps in tissue development, brain activity and cell replenishment. The main function of this ingredient in this formulation is facilitating the division of tissues and cells so that you can experience lasting results (bigger, harder and lasting erections).

Micronized DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)


This is actually the main ingredient in the Extenze Plus formulation. It occurs naturally in the wild in soy and yam plans and the artificially harnessed and processed to produce synthetic DHEA. The main reason this is the core ingredient is because it can cure symptoms of sexual dysfunctions and also boost libido substantially.

Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng

This is a tuber that possesses natural herbal properties. It helps to dilate the blood vessels in the penile region to mitigate any factors that may be causing a weak erection. Additionally, Korean Ginseng also reduces stress, boosts energy and also prompts body excitement.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide

This ingredient contains agents capable of preventing and remedying skin burns, bacterial infections. Additionally, Zinc Oxide also possesses healing and anti-aging effects.


This is a steroidal hormone is naturally formed using cholesterol present in the adrenal glands. It is a natural remedy against fatigue and also elevates energy levels substantially.

Muira Puama


This is an extract from the bark f the Muira Puama plant. It is excellent in improving sexual desire and male virility. This ingredient helps to stimulate the natural elongation of the male sexual organ through increased blood flow.

Ginger Root

Ginger Root

The ginger root plays a vital ingredient in enhancing the male reproductive system. This root is rich in Gingerol which is a medicinal agent that prevents erectile dysfunction and infertility.



The bark of the Yohimbe tree is an essential ingredient that contains an active ingredient known as alkaloid/yohimbine which is a natural powerful aphrodisiac.

Damiana Leaf


Also called Old Woman Leaves, this ingredient has a strong sweet scent and an extremely bitter taste. Traditionally, the damiana leaf is inhaled and smoked to extract the potency. It is an aphrodisiac that has been proven to increase libido.

Indian Black Pepper

The seeds of the Indian black pepper is harnessed as Piperine which helps increase how the body absorbs the ingredients in this supplement.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract (Fruits)

Tribulus Terrestris Extract (Fruits)

This ingredient naturally possesses steroid properties that helps treat sexually related issues such as low energy levels, infertility and low sperm count.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds

These contain an array of nutrients such as fiber, protein, magnesium, copper, antioxidants and magnesium which help improve sexual performance and endurance in general.

Velvet Deer antler

When dried and then processed it possesses potent performance enhancing properties that help improve stamina and endurance.

Stinging Nettle Root


These are the roots of the Urtica Dioica Plant. The root of this plant contains histamine, serotonin andacetylcholine elements that have been proven to aid in relieving allergies, healing and restoring the skin, strengthening bones and ensuring a healthy urinary system.

Astrangalus Root


This is a reliable immune booster hence acts as disease prevention agent. Additionally, this ingredient has been shown to decrease cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, control free radicals and also help to reduce inflammation.

Licorice Root extract

This root extract is essential in enhancing the secretion of adrenal hormones Cortisol which helps to reduce fatigue and stress. Additionally, this ingredient also helps to decrease LDL Cholesterol levels.This kind of cholesterol blocks blood vessels affecting the flow of blood especially to the penile chamber.

How does this supplement work?

extenze high sales

Exhaustive research was undertaken to ascertain and also document exactly how this supplement works. Extenze plus works in a variety of ways including:

Pro Hormone enhancement

The ingredients mentioned earlier on in this article are effective in stimulating the hormones responsible for elevated sexual performance and endurance. These ingredients mainly work by secreting testosterone hormone which stimulates the production of semen.

Bio-enhancement support

The ingredients also work collaboratively to improve a man’s natural desire to have sex. Most of the ingredients in this formula facilitate the excretion of testosterone which helps to boost metabolism and increase stamina and energy levels.


How is the product used?

It is not advisable to go beyond the recommended dosage because this may derail your aim to have a healthy body and satisfactory sex life. Just a pill a day and you will get the sex life you have always wanted!

Are there any precautions to take into consideration when taking the Extenze Plus supplement?

This is a pretty safe supplement that should be kept away from kids. It is also advisable for pregnant women to seek medical advice from doctors before using this or any other supplement. Additionally, if you have any underlying medical conditions seek medical treatment before taking this supplement.

How long before I see any positive results?

If used consistently and the proper dosage is followed, it will take just a few hours before you notice any positive results

Does this supplement have any side-effects?

Etenze side effects

According to numerous reliable statistics the only side effect is the loss of appetite. This only happens in the beginning. Once your body gets acclimatised to the product your appetite will return back to normal. Apart from this manufacturers

According to the manufacturers and long-term users of this supplement, it has no significant side effects on the body. Since all the ingredients used are natural and of high quality, there are no detrimental side effects. As long as you follow the recommended dosage you will not suffer any negative side effects. Important precautions to adhere to include:

  • Buy a product that is flawlessly sealed to reduce any chance of contamination
  • None of the ingredients in this formula should be used as an alternative for medical treatment. Additionally, this supplement should also not be used as an alternative treatment for any serious ailment
  • Extenze Plus Pills should be stored only in a cool and dry place that is out of reach for kids under the age of 18

Why Choose Extenze plus?

Why Choose Extenze plus?

Extenze Plus will give you the sex life you desire and deserve!

  • Nothing is more frustrating for a man more than when their body fails to perform as desired especially when it comes to sex. This natural libido booster has been clinically tested and proven to increase sexual drive, performance and also the give you the energy and vigour needed to increase the frequency of sexual activity
  • Men all over the globe have made this incredibly effective supplement the NUMBER 1 natural virility supplement. It work son giving you an all-round satisfactory sexual life by increasing sexual desire, stamina while at the same time enhancing your sexual health.
  • Extenze Plus is made using an indisputably AWESOME formula that is based on time-tested nutrients and herbs. Research has clearly shown that this all-natural supplement increases sexual satisfaction and will substantially boost sexual stamina in spite of age.
  • You get more than your money’s worth when you use Extenze Plus. This is because it helps prevent premature ejaculation which detrimentally affects sexual performance. And you are doubling in value because Prosolution Plus is the NUMBER ONE male libido supplement.

Who can use Extenze Plus?

  • Any man who wants to have a great sex life where they are in total control of their body
  • Men who are advanced in age and are starting to deal with age-related sexual issues such as premature ejaculation and the inability to make an erection last longer
  • Men dealing with low libido, the lack of stamina and reduced sperm count
  • Persons with a busy schedule hence have no time to dedicate to a regular workout regimen such as going to the gym which helps maintain a satisfactory sex life
  • Men of any age dealing with erectile dysfunction and prostrate complication

Who cannot use Extenze Plus?

  • Not safe for anyone under the age of 18 as the ingredients are too harsh on them
  • Persons who suffer from any chronic ailments or other underlying issues such as high blood pressure must also avoid taking this supplement unless the doctor recommends it
  • Anyone currently taking any medication should seek medical advice before taking this supplement and any other because chances are high that its ingredients can react with the medication
  • Stay clear of this supplement if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the formulation


Extenze Plus Male Enhancement Pills Before & After Results

Extenze Plus Male Enlargement Pill Reviews


Guaranteed results in just 60 days or you can get all your money back!

Based on reliable research and statistics I have no doubt that Extenze Plus will revolutionize and transform your life. It will help you enjoy your sex life more and ensure that your partner is satisfied with your performance.

Buying Extenze Plus is an investment in your relationship and SEX life that will pay of big time! In fact most men who have used this supplement have experienced remarkable results in less than a mere 30 days. This is why any worthy seller gives a 60 day trial period to help you take the supplement on a test run

Why wait any longer when this highly recommended and fast-acting male enhancement and enlargement supplement guarantees amazing sex, better performance and an all round better quality of life?