Can Meditation really help boost my sexual performance?


Every man wants to have mind-blowing sex. They want to please their partner completely, have a great time. For this to happen, a man must be able to attain an erection and also maintain it. Let’s just say that sometimes you don’t need pills, all you require is a little mindfulness. For too long most men have misunderstood meditation and only affiliate it with monks and asceticism. This is why it has taken us quite a long time to get around exploring the positive effects that meditation has on sexual performance.

So why will meditation make me perform better sexually?

To understand this we need to consider the context first. Most men in this generation are stressed up from relationships, work, money and many other reasons both circumstantial and otherwise. Stress elevates adrenaline and Cortisol levels. Keep in mind that adrenaline reduces sexual performance, endurance and desire. Since meditation is an incredibly powerful stress-reduction tool, there is no doubt that it can help to reduce adrenaline and Cortisol levels.

Now that that is under our belt, let us now look at 5 main ways meditation can help boost your sexual performance

Meditation helps you rest deeply so you have more energy to perform well sexually

‘Not today darling, I am exhausted’ how many times have you been unable to please your partner because you lacked the energy? Good News! You are not alone because doctors and other reproduction experts have sited exhaustion as one of the leading causes of a poor sex life.


According to a recent study carried out by the National Sleep Foundation, 1 in every 4 cohabitating Americans claim they are energy-deprived hence are not able to maintain a healthy sex life. When you meditate regularly, your body is able to rest deeper and this helps you build up the energy levels needed when it comes to sexual prowess.

Meditation reduces stress and this will lead to much better orgasms

The main stress hormones are adrenaline and Cortisol. Did you know that in women increased Cortisol lees can prevent the female orgasm while in men it can lead to premature erectile dysfunction? Things alike a nice dinner, some champagne and even music are not just a date ritual, they are actually meant to calm you down and relax you before you get to the sex. What meditation does is essentially move you out of the flight or fight response so that you can relax and have more fun. When sex is about fun and intimacy, there is n pressure or performance anxiety. When you are in great mood more dopamine and serotonin are produces-these are bliss chemicals that help elevate your sexual appetite and boost the intensity of an orgasm

Meditation makes you more present during sex and also leaves you less distracted

Most people have an over-developed left-brain. This is the part of the brain that rehearses the future and also reviews the past. Being trapped in this thought cycle will affect your sexual performance negatively. On the other the right brain take charge of moment awareness and this is the part that regular meditation takes to the gym. The longer a person meditates; the more brain neuroplasty and cohesion we create. This helps to balance the right and left parts of the brain. The result is that you are more attentive, aware and have the computing power to perform excellently on the task at hand.

Meditation help stop seeking contentment in other people

Meditation is all about self satisfaction and healing yourself emotionally and mentally. ‘You complete me’ these are damaging words that have been made popular by Hollywood movies. The truth is that no one can complete you and when you take this notion to a relationship, it ruins your sex life. Sex is two way. You must give to receive. Meditation is means of accessing your inner peace and brings personal fulfillment when practiced regularly.

Did you know that meditation can also make your partner think you are psychic?

Have you heard about mirror neurons? If you haven’t then get ready to be amazed! Scientists have ascertained that mirror neurons will eventually do to psychology what DNA does to Biology. Get this apparently meditation will increase mirror neuron functioning and this will make you a far more generous and intuitive partner.


So before you rush to the store and get that blue pill, maybe meditation is the best solution. It doesn’t hurt that meditation is absolutely free and has no negative side effects.