Can Hormonal Therapy Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Hormonal therapy can help with penile and erection enhancement As we age, we can be very certain about many of our bodily functions. They stop! Well maybe not completely, but they change. Whatever was secreted before, won’t be secreted now. Whatever didn’t leak before, will leak now. And whatever was excreted before, we now take Metamucil for.

Similar changes take place in our glands. Of concern to us here are the male sex glands, the “testes.” Two glands that produce sperm and secrete the sex hormone, testosterone. In teenagers, this hormone is raging! And it doesn’t take much stimulation to produce huge erections that seem to never go away.

You don’t have to choose between productive or reproductive – you can have both.

Over time, starting at age 17, the testes produce less and less testosterone. This results in a gradual diminished passion, disinterest in sex, and eventually a complete lack of ability to produce and maintain erections. This in itself, makes the penis seem smaller.

Strangely enough, this comes as a relief to some men. They claim they can now be more productive in other areas of life, without the obsessive need to be reproductive. But, it’s the males who, in the process of aging, lose the ability to respond sexually to their partners that’s of interest to us here. And apparently, small penis’s just don’t do it.

Andropause, known as the male menopause, is not very well known.

Men have their own version of the female menopause. It’s called andropause. And it may be one of the most unknown, ignored and misunderstood maladies in medicine today. It is characterized by a decline in sexual: energy, motivation, desire, passion, and erections.

In a female-male sexual situation, women have somewhat of an advantage, because during the sex act they can be passive, while men have the distinct disadvantage– they have to able to perform. Meaning to produce an erection. And to do that, the testes need to produce testosterone– the body has to be able to make hormones again.

Ok, so how do you make a hormone?

You don’t make it, you take it! When women reach the menopause period, they are treated with estrogen and/or progesterone. And they level out, get rid of their hot flashes, mood swings and become human again.

When men reach the andropause period, they aren’t treated at all. They are mostly ignored by conventional physicians and told they have to live with it. This is sad, because when the male hormone, testosterone, is properly used and injected (100 mg once a week) into the male body- sex interest, performance and erections return.

Actually, there are ways for men to get hormones and other effective remedies for erectile dysfunction into the body.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy. Consists of taking the actual hormones, namely Testosterone, either natural or synthetic, orally as capsules, creams, patches or injections. All forms of hormones, except some creams, do require an Rx prescription.
  • Amino acids. An alternative way of getting hormones, such as certain amino acids, that stimulate and promote the glands to secrete more of the hormones. L-deprenyl maintains and increases dopamine levels in the brain. L-argenine increases the nitrogen levels which directly influence erections. All amino acids, except L-dopa, do not require Rx prescriptions.
  • Dopamine. A neurotransmitter located in the brain that is directly related to the sex drive. Though it is in the form of the amino acid, L-dopa, it has become a Rx prescription drug. However, Fava Beans have as much L-dopa in a 16-oz. can as an injectible dose. And does not require an Rx prescription.

Remember, sexual problems, such as ED or erectile dysfunction, can either be physical or emotional and can occur at any age. When it occurs in the middle and later years, and not the result of being under-sized– they are almost always the result of hormonal changes.

However, if it’s an issue of size, hormones by themselves, will not add length or girth to any penis. But, if you do manage to somehow increase your penis size, unless you’re also able to get and hold an erection, you’ve just got a penis that’s a little longer, but just as soft and flaccid as before.

Just get the hormone levels back up to some arousing levels and your biggest problem may become, not the size of your erection, but how to get it down.