Best Penis Pumps – Reviews And Guide For Men

best penis pumps reviews

What is a Penis Pump?

Lets start with the basics so you can fully understand the workings of a penis pump. Penis pumps are also known as a Vacuum Constriction Device (VCD), this device is essentially an external pump containing a band on it to help a man with erectile dysfunction attain and maintain an erection.

Parts of Penis Pump

The conventional air vacuum penis pumps consists of two main features; the vacuum pumping mechanism and a cylindrical tube. In most designs the cylindrical tube is around nine inches, a diameter that ranges from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. On the other hand a hydro penis a slightly different design that consists of a simple cylindrical tube along with gaiters which come in handy in creating a vacuum that will hold against the pelvis. Water and hydro-based penis pumps have a more innovative design with each manufacturer altering the design to make it more effective and user-friendly.

A conventional air vacuum penis pumps consists of a pressure gauge that helps to monitor pressure levels while the user is pumping. Carefully monitoring the pressure is extremely important to avoid exerting too much pressure on the penis. This is because the right pressure level will protect the general health of the penis and also optimise efficiency of the devices.

Unlike air vacuum penis pumps, hydro penis pumps do not feature a pressure gauge monitor. The great news is that, it consists of a gaiter that has the desired pressure capacity needed to avoid overexertion which can have undesirable consequences on the penis. Additionally, a hydro pump consists of a release valve that can easily be adjusted when the user experiences a sensation of over pressure. To make the device more user-friendly, every hydro pump worth spending money on comes with a detailed user guide and safe practices.

Let’s look at the science behind penis pumping

I am sure you are asking yourself whether there is really any science supporting the idea of pumping your penis. Scientifically here is how it works; when the water spills out of the hydro penis pump, or when the air is extracted out of an air vacuum penis pump a vacuum is created inside the cylindrical tube which makes the penis to swell and fill up the vacuum that is created. The swelling is caused when the internal parts of the penis expand.

It is vacuum force also known as the negative pressure inside the pumps cylinder that helps to expand the tunica, corpus spongiosm and the corpus cavernosa. This allows increased blood flow and also pulls the lymphatic liquids making the erection bigger and firmer. In addition to this the vacuum created also helps to generate pressure on the penile ligaments and this allows the user to achieve permanent size increase.

Air vacuum penis pumps have been around for several decades even before the production of drugs such as Cialis, Levitra and Viagra which aid in penile enlargement in people with erectile dysfunction. Most urologists recommend this device more than drugs that come with a slew of undesirable side effects that can be long term and further worsen the health of man’s reproductive system. The new design such as Penomet and Bathmate which use water to create a vacuum are much more comfortable especially when water is used. This new pumps are extremely effective and easy to use as long as the user follows the instructions.

Here is brief summary of why water pumps are way better than air pumps:

This industry has seen a huge shift towards water based penis pumps as compared to air vacuum pumps

  • The water pump makes it much more easier for the user to create a tight seal around the penis hence the vacuum needed for the device to work efficiently is easily created
  • Using the warm water in the water pump helps to soften the skin hence making it more elastic making the device more effective and the user more comfortable even  if they are just using it for the first time
  • The water pump devices can be used without water making them a great choice for the bedroom

Air pumps are not all bad; here are some things that go in their favour

  • If you are on a they are a great consideration because they far much cheaper as compared to water penis pumps
  • Can help you achieve an erection much faster except this is extremely drying to the skin which can both be irritating and extremely uncomfortable

When it comes to user-friendliness, convenience, safety and efficiency the water penis pumps are worth spending the extra coin on. They make the experience of using a penile pump much more tolerable.

Apart from penile enlargement, are there any other benefits one can accrue from using penis pumps?

  • Significantly boosts self confidence

Most if not all men are significantly affected when unable to perform sexually. This leads to low self esteem that negatively impacts self image and can lead to stress and in extreme cases depression. This pumps help a man feel like they can still meet the sexual needs of their partner and this is a significant ego boost.

  • Penis pumps are a potential solution helping deal with Peyronie’s Diseases (Curved penises)

This is a condition that prevents men from having firm erection and also affects the general structure of the penis hence how it performs sexually. Since the pumps help to stretch and swell the internal muscles of the penis this can help in making the curved penis straight.

  • Significantly boosts sexual stamina making sexual performance longer and better

Without an erect penis how a man performs sexually is negatively affected. These pumps help men to perform ate their best because the veins in penis are alert and this vital sexual organ is completely firm and erect.

  • Can help to naturally enlarge the penis head

The penis head plays a crucial role in ensuring sexual satisfaction during sex. Consistently using penis pumps can naturally enlarge the penis head making sex more satisfactory and also boosting a man’s self esteem exponentially.

  • Penis pumps typically temporarily increase the penis length by two inches

When one suffers from erectile dysfunction the can barely erect the penis and even when they manage to the length is significantly reduced. These pumps add an extra two inches to your penis when it is perfectly erect. Using these pumps consistently affects your body positively in the following ways:

  • A man only requires to use them five to ten minutes before sexual intercourse in order to gain a stronger and firmer erection
  • When used for fifteen to twenty minutes for 5 to 6 days a week, it can overtime naturally increase the size of a man’s erect penis Quick Tip: It is important to take some days often-it is better to use it for 5 days and take 2 days off
  • When used on a regular basis (preferably 5 days a week), it can increase the duration of erections hence improving sexual performance tremendously
  • According to users hydro pumps are extremely effective in increasing penis girth

Based on reliable statistics; more than 95% of men who use hydro pumps praise them for not only being effective but also extremely easy to use. According to most urologists these pumps are the safest way to achieve rock-hard and long lasting erections on demand. Unlike many medications used for penile enlargement, penis pumps are completely harmless and come with no side effects.

Are penis pumps a worthwhile investment?

Men dealing with erectile dysfunction are desperate for a solution and most opt for any product that promises to help them revive their sexual confidence and restore their sexual performance. Sadly for such men the current market is filled with unscrupulous traders who are eager to make a quick buck without caring how the consumer is affected both physically and psychologically.

Great news for such men is that penis pumps are not just another fad that is promising ‘miracles’. This is a device that is based on extensive scientific research and will definitely perform as expected. It is not only approved by the FDAS but is also recommended by most urologists, in fact medical doctors advise men with erectile dysfunction to us it other than depending on popular drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. Here are 5 reasons why you will not regret spending your hard earned money on penis pumps:

  • Extensive scientific research has proven them safe and effective

When using this device you can be sure that you are not a guinea pig, it has been experimented on extensively and proven effective in many reliable studies. Additionally 95% of users rank its performance pretty highly.

  • Penis pumps unlike other cures for erectile dysfunction are non-invasive

The last thing any man dealing with erectile dysfunction needs in a invasive solution that further puts their health in jeopardy. When suing this pumps there is no need to undergo surgery or take medication, the process is take place outside the body and completely harmless

  • These helpful pumps are affordable

The only cost that you will incur is the initial purchase which is very affordable when you consider how effective this penis pumps are improving your sex life.

  • Pumps can be used together with other treatment to achieve a better end result

These devices can be safely used in collaboration with other forms of medication used for erectile dysfunction. In fact penis pups can also be used when one already has a penile implant to achieve better results

  • Penis pumps have been known to help some men regain the function of their penis

According to urologists if you start using this device when erectile dysfunction is still mild, it can help you regain the ability to get harder naturally.

Are penis pumps safe to use?

Although it a natural condition, most men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction are intimidated by it and some even flat out embarrassed. For such men the last thing they need is a cure that will further worsen the health of their penis and entire reproductive system. That begs the important concern-how safe are penis pumps?

According to the FDA and knowledgeable and experienced urologists penis pumps are safer than other treatment for erectile dysfunction because of their non-invasive nature and the fact that they have no detrimental side effects on the penis and general health of a user. To avoid irritation and overexerting the blood vessels in the penis only use this device for a maximum of 20 minutes and take a 2 days off in a week.


Let’s take a look at 3 of the best Penis Pumps in the market

The market is crowded with numerous brands of penis pumps review. The best way to select what works right for you is to research exhaustively and consult with a knowledgeable and experienced urologist who will advise you on whether this course of treatment is the right treatment regimen for you. To get you started on the right track here are 3 of the best products in the market.

Bathmate Hercules 

bathmate hercules

This is essentially a premium, water assisted penis pumps that were developed by manufacturers with the objective to elongate and fatten the penis within a short time. Unlike low quality old vacuum penis pumps easily accessible at all sex shops; the Bathmate Hercules can be used with water in a way that expands your penis proportionately to ensure size increase is safe and does not overexert the blood vessels in the penis. The results of using this particular pump are immediately noticeable and most users have reported permanent gains in both girth and length after consistent use.

The best thing about this penis pump is that it can be used with air and water. The Bathmate Hercules features adequate space for the expansion of the penis. Other impressive details worth mentioning include the measurement scale and the quick release valve. The valve located on the end of the pump allows air and water to exit and this allows a user to easily and gently release the vacuum that is placed on the penis. The measurement scales are conveniently located on the sides of the pump to enable a user visually gauge their progress. According to the manufacturers and users it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for 5 days a week to realise the benefits of this penis pump.

PROS of the Bathmate Hercules


Though not confirmed, more than 90% of the users claim that they notice one to three inch increase in the girth. It is important to note that this kind of gains will not happen overnight


The design is very simplistic. The device is generally self-contained and there are complicated parts or gaiter/bellows that require to be changed to achieve effective results.

Pump is easy to use

Operating the pump even for a beginner is extremely easy. All you have to do is place it over the penis and then press it down a few times. If you realise that the vacuum has become too much, all you have to do is use the valve at the end to ease up the tension.

Excellent construction

This penis pump is made extremely well and if used appropriately taken care of will last a long time without needing replacement.

Large opening

The Bathmate Hercules has a large opening making it easier and much more comfortable to remove the pump without necessarily interfering with your erection. Additionally, this large opening also makes it easy to use if you begin ate the flaccid state.


The Bathmate Hercules is high quality, durable and can also ensure you build your penis to a new proportion within a short period. This penile pump is not only a highly functional product but also comfortable to use making it the ideal solution for nay man suffering from erectile dysfunction

Bathmate Hydromax x30 

Bathmate Hydromax x30

Penis pumps are dime in a dozen but none is more impressive than the Bathmate Hydromax x30.It is part of the Bathmate Hydromax x series which is a distinct group of penis pumps that are specifically designed to help increase girth and length of a penis especially if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The x40 is the biggest while the x20 is the smallest; the x30 is the medium and best for a beginner.

Main features of the Bathmate Hydromax x30

Significantly more powerful and effective as compared to the original bathmate

It features an open and close flap at the top which helps accommodate and control the suction especially within the see-through chamber.

  • Simple design and excellent construction

The design is simple making it easy to use especially for a beginner who has never used the device before. The gauge measurer is easily visible making the device easier to use. In general the construction is both rigid and study which provides the user with a sturdy and strong shield around their penis.

  • Highly functional Comfort pads

The comfort pads are not just for aesthetics, they are extremely functional. When used appropriately these pads provide a tight seal against the body and this further boosts the power of suction.

  • Internal convolutes are conveniently sized

The size of the internal convolutes is conveniently small to ensure there is sufficient room for penile expansion. This makes it perfect whether you have an averagely sized or big penis.

  • Made out of skin safe materials

When it comes to the Bathmate Hydromax x30 the entire contraption is made from skin-safe materials that phthalate free hence completely safe


The Gators are a bit complex to adjust

If you are a beginner, you need some help adjusting the gators which are somewhat flexible, extremely large and attached securely to the base. The great news is that the package comes with a detailed and simple to follow guide that will come in handy.


This is a decent, effective and easy to use penis pumps that will help to improve yours sec life significantly



In a nutshell, this innovative design is simply a hydro penis pump. As mentioned earlier this Penomet pump is more effective and safer than air vacuum penis pump. According to most knowledgeable and experienced urologists the penomet is the best penile enlargement pump in the current market. This device is constructed using polycarbonate (on e of the toughest plastics that is virtually indestructible) plastic that are not only robust but also long lasting. It is definitely made to last making it worth every single penny. For the users’ convenience, the manufacturers creatively imprint precise measurements scale in both centimetres and inches to enable the user observe their progress as they use the pump.


High quality and extremely functional gaiter system

Unlike other penis pumps in the market, the Penome penis pump has a unique design that makes it more user friendly and effective. It has an interchangeable gaiter system that features five gaiters Force 80, Force 70, Force 65, Force 60 and Force 75. In a nutshell, a gaiter is simply a sleeve that helps to create a vacuum with different force and pressure.

Strong suction

This penis pump has a super strong suction and also has a quick release valve that comes in handy in letting out excess pressure. This makes it very easy and safe to use.

The gaiter system is easy to use

The gaiter system is not complicated even if you are a beginner. The Force 80 gives the strongest pressure while the Force 60 gives the lowest pressure. Additionally, changing gears is extremely easy. By alternating the gaiters appropriately, you can achieve great results. The guide comes with detailed instructions.

Penomet gaiters are made using medical grade silicone

To ensure they are safe and effective, the gaiters are made using high quality medical grade silicone. This kind of silicone is extremely effective in helping to maintain optimal pressure.

Contrary to common misconception, penis pumps are not a new phenomenon, they have been used for decades in men with erectile dysfunction. The first ever penis pumps were the vacuum air pumps which are still being used today all over the world. For most men who are not acquainted with penile pumps, just the mere mention of them is frightening, interesting and in some cases very intimidating. In this brief but nonetheless detailed article we will demystify penis pumps by looking at the basic features and the benefits. Additionally, we also look at an objective and unbiased review of 3 of the best penis pumps in the current market.

Step by Step Guide on how to use a penis Pump


Start by carefully putting the penis inside the cylinder


Remove the water/air from the cylinder by using the pump


Ensure that you closely monitor the pressure and also pay keen attention to how you body feels to avoid overexertion


For a beginner the maximum time should be around 15 minutes, while for a regular user 20 minutes will suffice


Check the pumps vacuum level to ensure it is does not exceed the recommended limits


Finally gently release the pressure and let the blood rush down your region

Is the size of a tube important when choosing the perfect penis pump?

When using penis pump it is expected that the tube will occasionally rub against your glands which can be irritating and uncomfortable. A larger tube will help avoid this discomfort from occurring. To help you select the best pump for you here are some factors to take into consideration:

  • If you penis is more curved you need a wider tube
  • If your penis is average size or bigger, it is important to keep in mind that you will quickly outgrow a short and thin pump
  • If larger pump will serve you well and longer if you take great care of it and use it appropriately


This is one of the best penis pumps in the market because of its excellent robust construction and effectiveness.


The ideal place to buy penis pumps is from the official website. If you are still sceptical about making the purchase, it is ideal to begin with the free trial and then purchase later if you are satisfied with the results. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and want to revitalise and improve your sex life and sex performance, either of the three penis pumps mentioned above will not disappoint.

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