6 Medicinal Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction

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Try These 6 Herbs for a Strong Hard-on

The following are 6 herbs that are used to enhance erectile function and strength naturally. You can also see recommended male enhancement pills that contain the specific herbal nutrients and vitamins. The suggested products are classified as over-the-counter (OTC) nutritional supplements that can help men get a stronger and larger erection.

1. Epimedium

Epimedium What is it? Epimedium (also known as horny goat weed) is a flowering plant that grows in China where it is called “yin yang huo”. The leaves have medicinal benefits and are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

How can it help? The leaf extract contains a chemical called icariin, which has the ability to inhibit PDE5 in erectile tissue (corpus cavernosum). It promotes relaxation of blood vessels in the penis and increases blood flow. Epimedium is used as an erection enhancer and an alternative medicine for mild and moderate erectile dysfunction.

2. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba What is it? Ginkgo Biloba is a tree mostly found in some Chinese areas. The seeds are used as food and the leaves as medicine for different health issues.

How can it help? Ginkgo improves circulation throughout the body including reproductive organs. It can also improve mood, mental function, sex drive and stamina.

3. Hawthorn

Hawthorn What is it? Hawthorn is a flowering tree that grows in many northern places worldwide. The extract from its berries is used as natural remedy for many health conditions.

How can it help? Hawthorn is used to support the health and function of the cardiovascular system. It can help men with poor circulation get bigger and harder erections. It is also believed to reduce anxiety, which is one of the main causes of ED.

4. Red Panax Ginseng

Red Panax Ginseng What is it? Red Panax ginseng is a plant that can be found in Korean and Chinese areas. The root is widely used in dietary supplements as it has many health benefits.

How can it help? The red ginseng can support heart health and increase circulation and vigor. It is taken by men suffering from weak erections and low libido.

5. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris What is it? Tribulus terrestris (also called puncture vine) is an annual plant that is used to make herbal remedies.

How can it help? Tribulus improves heart health, circulation, strength and fertility. It is also used by bodybuilders to boost testosterone levels.

6. Yohimbe

Yohimbe What is it? Yohimbe is a Central African tree. The bark extract is used in alternative medicine.

How can it help? The active component in yohimbe extract is a chemical called yohimbine. It works as a penile blood flow stimulator and it can be effective in treating impotence in some men.

Erectile Dysfunction Explained

Erectile dysfunction (ED or male impotence) is defined as the inability of a man to sustain an erection hard and long enough to achieve satisfactory penetration during sexual activity. It is one of the most common sexual problems in men all over the world, besides premature ejaculation and diminished libido. In the United States, there is an estimated 30 million men who suffer from chronic ED.

It is normal for a man to experience occasional and temporary incidents of a soft erection, but if it happens frequently or all of the time then it’s time to seek treatment. There is no shame in admitting it and openly discussing the problem with your doctor and partner. ED is not only detrimental to your sexual well-being, but if ignored it can silently wreak havoc on your relationship.

Causes and Oral Medications

There are many causes of ED that include anxiety, stress, depression, low testosterone, cardiovascular disease, poor circulation, diabetes and prostate problems. It can also be induced by other medications, especially antidepressants.

The most common way to treat ED is by taking oral prescription drugs like Viagra (sildenafil citrate), Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil). These medications are called PDE5 inhibitors and they work by relaxing and dilating blood vessels in the penis, which results in increased blood flow during arousal and thus a stronger erection. They work well for most men, but they are most effective in patients with poor genital circulation. There are some cases in which these drugs may fail, particularly when the source of ED is more psychological than physiological.

Alternative Natural Treatments

There is an alternative way to deal with ED and that is herbal supplements. Several herbs and natural extracts have been successfully used in traditional medicine to overcome erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance in men. The efficacy of such remedies is often under debate, and while there have been some clinical studies that showed positive effects of certain formulas, there is a need for further research and evidence-based evaluation of their effects and safety. Herbal medicine is generally safer and cheaper than prescription options, and in comparison it provides a holistic treatment that enhances many aspects of sexuality and overall health.

While natural supplements are not 100% scientifically proven, many consumers are quite satisfied with the improvement they achieve. Herbals provide long-term benefits as opposed to short-lived prescription quick-fixes. But, please note that no OTC pills have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of ED.

Pros and Cons of Herbal Remedies

Some people would swear herbs did miracles for them, while others would never spend a penny on a natural supplement – especially those sold online – arguing that they’re all scams that don’t work! The truth is somewhere in between, but the unquestionable fact is that herbal products are not a waste of money and usually well worth the investment.

Let’s explore some of the goods and bads about this option. Hopefully these will help you decide whether to give it a try or not.


  • It’s all natural with no synthetic chemicals that alter biological functions of the body.
  • Most users achieve satisfactory results.
  • A holistic approach that provides multifaceted benefits.
  • Generally safe and produces no significant side effects or health risks.
  • You get short-term as well as long-term benefits.
  • Very affordable, and some brands are really cheap.
  • You can buy it over-the-counter with no need for a doctor’s prescription.


  • Effectiveness varies from one individual to another.
  • A lot of the claims are based on traditional use and lack adequate scientific proof.
  • Some products may not be safe for users with certain health conditions.
  • Some ingredients may interact with other supplements and drugs the user is taking.
  • There are many counterfeit, ineffective and potentially dangerous products sold over the Internet.

Herbs vs. Prescription Drugs for ED (Comparison)

Still in doubt? This table highlights the main differences and compares the key features of the two ED solutions.

Herbal Medicine Prescription Medicine
Active ingredients A blend of herbal extracts and natural compounds. A single chemical compound, e.g. sildenafil citrate in Viagra.
Main results Increase in penile blood flow, libido, stamina and sperm quality and volume. Other health benefits and improved quality of life. Increased blood flow to the penis.
Side effects Normally none. Some men may suffer from minor side effects, like a headache. Headache, dizziness, flushing, blurred vision, sleep problems, nausea, back pain, nosebleed, stuffy or runny nose, and others.
Time to take effect Initial results should be expected within a few hours. If you take the serving on a daily basis you won’t have to worry about timing. From 30 to 60 minutes after taking the dose.
How long does it last? The effects of a single serving usually last for 1 day up to a few days. It’s best to keep taking the serving every day to build up long-lasting enhancement. Viagra: up to 4 hours – Cialis: up to 36 hours – Levitra: up to 5 hours.
Success rate There is no definite data as many different ingredients and formulas are used. Consumer feedback suggests positive results for most users with a varying degree of satisfaction. Over 70% in mild-moderate cases and about 50% in severe cases. May not work in patients where the source of the problem is psychological.
Clinically proven? Yes and no! Certain extracts and formulations have been clinically studied and showed considerable efficacy. Yes.
FDA approved? No. Yes.
Doctor recommended? Yes, numerous doctors vouch for it as first-line treatment before resorting to more advanced treatments. Yes.
Price A one month supply (30 servings) mostly costs from $40 to $100. Prices range from about $30 to $50 per tablet (1 serving) in retail stores and legitimate online pharmacies.

Safety Note: It is always advised that you talk to your doctor or healthcare provider before taking herbal pills, especially if you have cardiovascular disease or other serious conditions.