5 Ways that Stress will negatively affect your sex life

There is no doubt that the effects of stress are insidious. Too much stress will take a toll on your physical health, emotional wellbeing and sex relationship. Stress affects sexual performance more than men probably realize.

Here are 5 ways stress is negatively impacting your sexual performance

Stress contributes to having a negative body image. Bad body image = poor sexual performance.

Keep in mind that when you have a negative body image it leads to bad sex. Stress hormones impact the rate of metabolism. If you feel unattractive and sluggish, there is no doubt that you will find it quite hard to take of your clothes and get busy. When you are stressed there is a high chance that you will binge eat then experience excessive weight gain. Go to the gym and eat healthy so that you can improve your body image and appearance. The more confident you are about your body image the better you perform in bed.

Stress takes a huge toll on your libido

Cortisol is one of main stress hormones. Our bodies need this hormone because they help alleviate the flight and fight response. Our bodies need this hormone in short bursts of time so that they respond to danger. When Cortisol is overproduced for prolonged periods of time, it will suppress sex hormones. The sex hormones quantity reduces, libido is lower.

Stress will make you make you question your relationship with your partner and this will detrimentally impact your sex life

When you are stressed out you are not pleasant to be around and even your partner might find it difficult relating to you peacefully. No one wants a partner who flies of the handle and snaps every time they feel overwhelmed. It makes sense that no one wants to go to bed with an emotional monster. Relationships suffer when one o both partners are stressed. The part of the relationship that takes the biggest beating is your sex life.

Stress can lead to the excessive consumption of alcohol


Excessive drinking for a prolonged period of time will deteriorate your sex life. Most people who are stressed rely on alcohol to feel better. However when you sober up, you will realise that the problem does not disappear you will still feel crappy. Most men have a difficult time getting and maintaining an erection when their systems are full of alcohol. What alcohol does is to dehydrate the body making lubrication a huge challenge. Without lubrication sex can be extremely hurtful.


The best thing about stress induced sexual dysfunction is that it does not require strict measures such as pills, penis pumps and penile extenders.