Natural Male Enhancement – 13 Natural Foods for Male Sexual Enhancement

You are what you eat. A familiar phrase touted by dietitians. But if you aren’t selective about what you eat, some foods could wind up eating you. Regardless, there are healthy foods and non-healthy foods – and all do one thing or another aside from providing you with calories and nutrition to help you run that carbon-dioxide engine commonly known as your body.

Some foods help you sleep better, like turkey with tryptophan. Some fight bacteria and fungus, like garlic. And some foods even help increase your appetite. Not for food — your sexual appetite! These foods are referred to as aphrodisiacs. And you probably already have many of them right in your own kitchen.

Ever since the dawn of time, when man tasted that bitter fruit, he knew some foods had marvellous powers. The ancient Romans thought that about hippo snouts and hyena eyeballs. Traditional Chinese medicine used ground tiger penis and rhino horn to improve sexual libido and erections. Today, modern man discovered some foods that did just that. He called them “aphrodisiacs,” and found them right in his kitchen.


They’re not called spices for nothing — they’re spicy. And enhance erections.

Aniseed Aniseed. Many people believe aniseed to be an aphrodisiac that will increase physical and mental interest and desire for sex and cause more erect erections just by sucking on the seeds.

Basil Basil. An effective all-purpose spice that stimulates the entire uro-genital system, boosts the sex drive, and gives erections an uplift, while providing a sense of well-being during the sex act.

Ginger Ginger. Ingested raw, cooked or in crystal form, ginger is a stimulant to the circulatory system with the powers to re-awaken sexual desire and produce more intense erections.

Nutmeg Nutmeg. Taken in just the right amount, it’s an aphrodisiac that increases erections and bodily responses of the erogenous zones to sexual stimuli. In larger doses it can evoke hallucinatory sexual fantasies.


Almonds Almonds. A major source of essential fatty acids that are vital in the production of testosterone, the viscosity and regulation of blood flow and the healthy makeup of every cell membrane in the body, all contributors of sexual energy.

Asparagus Asparagus. Its phallic shape is suggestive of what powers it has, in addition to the vitamin E it contains that is known to stimulate the secretion of the life-force behind erections– testosterone.

Bananas Bananas. A sex symbol if there ever was one. As well as being suggestive and having psychologically arousing properties, its vitamin B and potassium content is essential for sex hormone production, the enzyme bromelain’s pain-relieving action also heightens sex drive.

Celery Celery. Contains the hormone androsterone, an odorless excretion of the sweat glands said to arouse females, but related to growth of the male sex organ that also has aphrodisiac properties.

Chili Pepper Chili Peppers. Many “hot” foods contain capsaicin that stimulates areas of the nervous system associated with sex, while raising our endorphin levels and elevating feelings of well-being, it also raises erections.

Chocolate Chocolate. For a female, when roses won’t do it, chocolate usually will. And for a male, a stimulant in chocolate called phenylethylamine creates a natural high, and a sexual excitement that combines with theobromine– a caffeine-like substance that many believe to be the underlying force behind extreme sexual passion and intense erections.

Figs Figs. The female counterpart to the male banana. Since the days of early Rome has been accredited as the number two sexual stimulant food aside from oysters. More from myth than any scientific or chemical reason, however, there is evidence of the presence of amino acids in figs increasing potency.

Mixed Nuts Nuts. Peanuts, cashews, walnuts, even granola and chickpeas contain large amounts of the amino acid L-Arginine. One of the nine most essential aminos found in the body that it can’t manufacture at all. High in nitric oxide content needed to relax smooth penile muscle tissue – this results in improved blood circulation within the penis and more rigid, extended erections.

Oysters Oysters. The number one aphrodisiac of all time – raw oysters are rich in zinc, a mineral needed for the manufacture of testosterone. Also because its high zinc content increases sperm production– it is thought to add to the powerful impetus behind erections and orgasms.

Here’s food for thought — the greatest aphrodisiac is your mind.

There is no doubt about it. Sex originates in the mind; from there signals are sent through the central nervous system to alert almost every organ and gland in the body. If there’s enough testosterone secreted, enough blood flowing to and within the penis and no structural, psychological or physiological anomaly present, your body will respond with, and maintain an erection.

Food, spices and minerals, either found in nature or made in laboratories can positively influence erections so that the entire sexual experience can be both pleasurable and satisfying for both you and your partner. Make these aphrodisiac foods part of your normal diet, and they could only further enhance man’s greatest need – the act of sex. Good appetite!