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Bring Unacceptable Levels to Your Local Theater

Interested in sharing Unacceptable Levels with your community? Be sure to visit our Screenings page for a list of cities where the film is currently playing.

Unacceptable Levels has been embraced by universities, nonprofit organizations and environmental groups across the country. Thousands have already experienced this powerful and eye-opening film and you can help us inspire millions more by hosting your own screening.

There are three options for hosting a screening in your community:

OPTION 1: Host a Screening at Your Local Theater with Tugg  logo-pin-1048fcf3b935cc744ee9e161d1d2bdad

Our theatrical distribution partner Tugg makes it easy to bring Unacceptable Levels to your local theater. A unique crowdsourcing web platform, Tugg works with the theater to manage your event — all you need to do is request a screening, let Tugg make the arrangements (usually 1-7 days) and then – with a little help from your friends – work to get people there!  In order for Tugg to confirm your screening, a minimum number of tickets must be sold. If you have any questions, please email a Tugg customer service representative [email protected] or phone 855-321-8844.

Tugg Movie Theater Screenings Include:

  • Permission to Host a One-Time Film Screening at a Local Movie Theater
  • Digital “Host a Screening” Kit (Press Kit, Flyer/Poster Digital Files)
  • Promotion of Your Screening on the Unacceptable Levels Film Website
  • Online Ticket Sales

GET STARTED by reading the Tugg FAQs and schedule your event today: 

OPTION 2: Host an Educational or Community Screening in a Non-Theatrical Venue

If you’re interested in setting up a screening at an educational institution, museum, place of worship, conference room, community center, or other public or private space, you can purchase a license to screen the film. Licensing fees are priced according to the type of event sponsor and the size of the proposed screening. TDC Entertainment is handling the non-theatrical distribution of Unacceptable Levels as well as the issuing of exhibition licenses.

GET STARTED by contacting Dan Gurlitz, our distribution partner at TDC Entertainment: [email protected]

OPTION 3: Host a Community Screening in a Theater (sponsored screening)

If you’re interested in locating a sponsor to pay for a theatrical screening in your town, we will be happy to provide you with a license to meet your needs.

GET STARTED by contacting Susan Cann for more information: [email protected]